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6th Edition FAQs Are Up!

Games Workshop has released the 6th Edition FAQs and you can download them here.  Below is a summary from 3++ is the New Black, which you should visit!

Black Templars - have to bring a 2nd HQ and a lot of little amendments to how rules work - it's two editions old... not surprising. Preferred enemy does look to work for shooting though replaced with rage. Techies can repair Hull Points.

Blood Angels
- combat squads can go in same transport, DoA is BA only (not surprising). BA only effects are BA only - no Priests for ally fun. No more smoking during Scouts. Mephiston with Mastery level 3, otherwise 1/2 for basic Libbyies/Dreads. Yes Chaplains work for shooting as well but only BA squads - still mighty fine option to use early and then jump forward as combat engages.

Chaos Daemons - Fateweaver works, that's about all we need to know.

Chaos Space Marines - Yay for true T6 Nurgle Bikers - still wanna shell out for it? Tzneetch DP's can no longer fire double psychic powers. Everyone mastery lv1 except Ahirman - still a bad toon.

Dark Angles - Same re combat squads & Techies. All psychic level 1 but can know multiple powers.

Dark Eldar - Incubi are at least S4 but only AP3. Flickerfields work on terrain. Webway portals get a slap - no charges out of them thank you. Clarified issues with allies.

Eldar - Only Mastery level 1 for Farseer, 0 for Warlocks. It isn't said explicity that Stones give lv2 though it's implied in Eldrad's FAQ (2+1 for stones). Either way, most psychic army? Not so psychic though RoWard still working. Remember, most Eldar powers are for ELDAR units.

Grey Knights - Force weapons keep their special stats. Combat squads, techies, etc. updated to stay in line with others. Halberd back to not adding intiative bonuses if I has been reduced. No squad benefits for being 'squad psykers' - only Inquisitors/Libby can get other powers.

Imperial Guard -  Hydra is AA - something is! Orders & bubbles clarified in relation to allies. Techpriest same as Techmarine. Valks & Vendettas are fliers who can hover. Priests/Tech cannot be mandatory HQs anymore.

Necrons - Ever-living/Orb clarified. Melee weapons AP2 - gasp. Warscythes AP1 - double gasp. Night Scythes cannot hover - good though they gain a new special rule for disembarking. Spyders repair muchlike Techmarines. Mindshackle very good in challenges.

Orks - Warboss on a bike T6 - ooo. Mekboy as Techmarine. KFF NOT for Orks only. All those rules for flyers in the WD - ignore, now they are in the rulebook! Ink wasting *sigh*.

Sisters of Battle - Faith works on Allies.

Space Marines - Combat squads, Techmarines same. Bunch of stuff made for Space Marines units only (i.e. Calagar, Pedro, etc.).

Space Wolves - Iron Priests same as Techmarines. Rune Weapons still a 4+ nullify. Lots of stuff for SW only in terms of Allies. Frost Blade & Axe different and Wolf Guards become 'characters' for leading squads. Lukas' pelt works in challenges. Wolf Standards do not allow morale to be re-rolled.

Tau - Blacksun = ignore night fight. Bonding knives = base Ld for regroup. Yay for Acute senses on Suits. Drones can deny objectives, even if off vehicles. Gun drones are now restricted to same fire restrictions as other guns on vehicles.

Tyranids - Mastery levels are 1 (2 for Swarmlord) plus 1 for each power taken (so generally 2-3 on the usuals). Some very nice, yet random options there, particularly since most Tyranid armies took a bunch of psykers before. SitW is the same which is technically better than Hoods currently... No AA weapons.

So go get your FAQs now and start reading!

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Black Library New Releases - Space Marines!


Includes a full set of wallpapers for your laptop, PC and mobile devices.


In the heavens above Luetin Hive, Erik Morkai’s Space Wolves clash with dark eldar raiders, jump-pack clad Blood Claws taking the battle to the aliens’ own infernal airships. But the war will be decided by Morkai himself as he challenges the aliens' sinister leader to single combat.

'Deathwolf oozes atmosphere and delivers a pulse-pounding glimpse into the heart of battle on a hive world.' - Dave Bradley, Editor, SFX



A Warhammer 40,000 audio drama by Andy Smillie. Narrated by Seán Barrett. Performed by Rupert Degas, Chris Fairbank & David Timson.



Trapped in the fighting pits of the dread city of Commorragh and forced to battle for their alien captors' amusement, two Space Marines form an alliance to escape their tormentors - but are they who they seem to be?


A Warhammer 40,000 short story by Andy Smillie. Originally published in Hammer and Bolter: Issue Thirteen.



Legend tells of a foolhardy expedition, led by the radical Magos Telok, which ventured out into the unknown space beyond the Halo Worlds in search of the ‘Breath of the Gods’ – an arcane device with the power to unmake and reshape the very stars themselves. Thousands of years later, the ambitious Lexell Kotov musters his Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleet and sets out to follow in mad old Telok’s footsteps. With the might of the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines to augment his own forces, he searches for the hidden clues which will lead him to greatest power that the galaxy has ever known. But who knows what ancient perils may yet lie outside the Imperium and the dominion of mankind?

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More 6th Edition Confirmations!

More good stuff direct from the 6th edition Rulebook thanks to Krittoris on the Bell of Lost Souls Forums.  Follow the discussion here.

MORALE CHECKS: same as 5th edition, forced at 25% shooting casualty's or by losing combat. also when losing combat you get a -1 modifier to your leader ship by however many wounds you lost by.



lots here, first.


1 - building breached it suffers -1 to armour on all facings.
2 - tremor - the building shudders making units inside only able to sanp fire for the following turn, additionally if they try to disembark from the building they may only disembark 3 inches rather then the normal 6.
3- partial collapse - the unit suffers d6 s6 ap- hits with no cover saves allowed.
4- structural collapse - same effect as above except 2d6 hits instead of just 1d6
5- catastrophice breach - reduce the building armour value by d3 on all sides
6 - the unit takes 4d6 s6 ap- hits, has to make an emergency disembark, if the unit cannot disembark it is destroyed. the building is classed as a ruin.
7- the building is utterly destroyed, the unit inside suffer 4d6 s6 hits with no ap, they then must emergency disembark as above, if they cant they die ect. and the building is treated as impassable terrain for the rest of the game, also any unit within d6 suffers s4 ap- hits, the amount of hits is how many models are in the unit that is hit 'OUCH'


amunition dumps - any unit withing 2 inches is allowed to reroll failed to hit rolls with shooting.
barricades and walls - 4+ cover save if they are behind it.
comms relay - any player with an unengaded model within 2 inches of a comms relay can reroll reserve rolls, it also offers a 5+ cover save if your behind it
defence lines- any unit that goes to ground behind defence lines gains +2 to cover instead of the usual +1

there is another 10+ to many to list.


skyshield landing pad - 75 points
eagies defence lines - 50 points + weapons
imperial bastion - 75 points + weapons
fortress of redemption - 220 points + weapons

THAT IS IT, sorry xenos players. though you could make your own buildings and just use the above fortifications rules.


3 types, blessings, malediction, and conjuration.
lots here will come back to it once iv read through it


zooming, must move 18'' - 36'', if it moves under 18 it is counted as destroyed, any units shooting at a zooming flyer have to resolve there to hit rolls as snap shots. flyers cannot be tank shocked OR tank shock themselves. you have to be zooming with a flier to gain the 'jink' special rules (5+ cover save)


flyers may only shoot 2 missiles per turn, looking at you storm ravens

flyers MUST begin the game in reserve


both count your models as having the bulky special rule.

jet packs move 2d6 in the assault phase instead of assaulting (if you wish)

jetpacks count as relentless


acute senses - reroll outflank rolls
and they shall know no fear - as 5th edition for marines
armourbane - 2d6 armour pen in close combat against vehicles
blind - any unit hit buy a model or unit with this special rule must take an initiative test. if it fails they are reduced to ws and bs 1 till there next turn.
eternal warrior - same as 5th
daemon - gains the fear rule and has a 5+ invuln
fear - if in base contact with a unit or model with fear you must take a morale check, if failed reduces the opponents weaponskill to 1 for the rest of the tunr
fearess - as it is in 5th
feel no pain - +5
fleet - reroll run and charge move distnaces
fleshbane - always wounds on 2+ in CC
crusader- adds d3 to sweaping andvance move and rolls an extra diece for running allowing you to choose the highest result
furious charge - recieves +1 strength when charging into close combat, if disorderly charged you gain no benefit
gets hot - same as 5th
hammer of wrath - when the model charges into base contact, it gains one attack at initiative 10 (strength is unmodified)
jink - if a model moves flat out or turbo boosts it gains a 4+ cover save till the end of your opponents turn
monster hunter - rerolls all failed to wound and hit rolls against monstrous creatures
it will not die - roll a d6 on a 5+ the model ragains one wound (rolled for at the end of your turn)
rage - +2 attacks for charging
shred - rerolls cc to wound in combat
shrouded - + 2 to cover save
skilled rider - +1 to jink save
relentless - same as 5th
night vision - ignore the effects of nightfighting
night fighting - same as 5th
smash - reroll armour pen rolls, half attacks, gains double strength, ap 2
slow and purposeful - same as 5th
skyfire - shoots at nomral bs when targeting, flyers, skimmers, and flyig monstrous creatures.
splitfire - leadership test, if passed, one model may shoot at a different target to the rest of the unit

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Games Workshop releases 40K 6th Edition Videos

Two new Videos from Games Workshop on 6th Edition.

Allied Detachments and Flyers

Tanks, Vehicles & Interactive Scenery

Forge World to release Imperial Armour Flyer Book!

Forge World Imperial Armour Aeronautica!

More info from the latest White Dwarf! It appears that GW is coming out with a new IA book specifically for flyers. This is not the Aeronautica Imperialis book released a couple of years ago, for which there is a range of models.  (See rumors on Dakka).
Usually when FW comes out with a model they come out with the experimental rules, then come out with a book later on that has the real rules for it. They did this with the Achilles in the Badab War books, with the Caestus Assault Ram, etc.

I believe this book will have the real rules for the Storm Eagle in it, plus perhaps others! I hope with this version of the Storm Eagle it is better priced points-wise. The information for it was in the Forge World advertisement area of the new WD, and it was tiny... so maybe a lot of people will miss it. I'm super excited if this is indeed a FW flyers supplement! Click to embiggen the photos:

Check out Michael's blog, Fresh Coast 40K

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Mastodon Super-Heavy Siege Transport

 From Tom McBride:

So I'm sure some of you have been wonder where I've been for the past couple of months.  Well I wish I could tell you I spent the entire time somewhere warm and sunny drinking margaritas. But, alas, that was only the first two weeks.  The rest of the time I've been working on this secret project: The Mastodon Super-Heavy Siege Transport!

Some time ago I got a request to build something unique for a client's custom Space Marine army known as the Emperor's Knights.  The tank had to be big, have transport capabilities, and he wanted it to reflect the chapter’s unusually close relationship with the Ordo Malleus.  This dovetailed well with a build I had been wanting to do based on a super heavy tank seen in the background of the Black Templar’s pic on the 3rd edition rule box set (sorry, can't find a good pic of it).  In the pic there was this HUGE tank just bristling with weapons.  

As life would have it this commission ended up turning into a secret gift from his fiancé and so I had to keep it under tight wraps until the surprise could be unleashed.  That time is now.....

The return of the Indomitable Resolve to the armies of mankind is a recent one considering the war machine itself is over ten thousand years old.  It’s discovery occurred during the early days of the Harper Crusade on the planet of Chicaron in the Corvus system, which had fallen to a heretical uprising that plunged the entire human population into civil war.  It was also here that the Imperium decided to establish the beachhead in their quest to reclaim the system in the name of the Emperor.

And so it was on the day of Saint Nathanial’s Ascension that Inquisitor Salvator of the Ordo Malleus along with the entire Emperor’s Knights space marine chapter descended from the heaven onto Chicaron to bolster the few remaining imperial troops held up in an ancient and long abandoned fortress known as the Crow’s Nest.  Within a few short weeks the combined effort of the Emperor’s Knights and Inquisitor Salvator’s forces quashed the rebellion and reinstated the rule of imperial law to the planet.  With Chicaron now secure Salvator returned to the Crow’s Nest intrigued by the potential secrets hidden within its catacombs.  It was there behind a vault sealed since the time before the Horus Heresy that Salvator made his great discovery.

Indentified as a mastodon super-heavy siege transport this design dated back to the Unification Wars on Terra and had once accompanied both the Imperial Army and the Adeptus Astartes during the earliest days of the Great Crusade.  It eventually fell out of favor as the more versatile Baneblade chassis became more available and now only a scant few remain after ten millennia.  How and why this massive siege engine arrived on Chicaron so long ago remains a mystery.

Although it was strip of much its pre-Heresy weapons and technology Salvator saw its potential and pressed the techmarines of the Emperor’s Knights under the watchful eye of his Adeptus Mechanicus to rebuild the mastodon to his specifications. Rechristen the Indomitable Resolve the ancient war machine returned to war.  
At first it acted as the mobile command center for the crusading forces but after being the devastating spearhead in a number of attacks at the hands of the Emperor’s Knights the Indomitable Resolve was reassigned to the chapter for the remainder of the campaign.  

Once order had be restored in the Corvus system and the Harper Crusade had come to an end Inquisitor Salvator gifted the Indomitable Resolve to the Emperor’s Knights in honor of their valiant service to the forces of mankind.  However, the seal of the inquisitor is still boldly displayed on the front of the tank as a reminder to the enemies of mankind, and to the Emperor’s Knight, that the Inquisition is ever watchful.

Posted Image
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Tom posted preliminary rules here.

Make sure you check out Tom's stuff on his eBay sale page too.

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6th Edition Confirmations!

The following is from Krittoris on the Bell of Lost Souls Forums.  All good stuff direct from the 6th edition Rulebook!  Follow the discussion here.

Core System

- Change to Pre-Measure like WHFB 8th Edition.

- Force Organization Chart is still in use, no use of Percentage
- Adding new FoC Slot called "Fortification" [0-1] / see below
- Phases remains the same, Movement, Shooting, and then Assault
- No Psychic Phase
- No Initiative Phase

Movement Phase

- Movement is pretty much the same. Infantry can move 6", Jump Infantry 12" and so on.

Shooting Phase

- Rapid Fire weapons can now fire at target 24" away irregardless of moving or not. (or choose to fire twice at target 12" away)
- Pistol is pretty much the same.
- New Weapon type "Salvo" - firing at max. range & max. shots if not move, or 1/2 range and 1/2 shots if moving.
- Heavy Weapon can now be fired on the move, but will be subjected to 'snap fire' rule.
- "Snap Fire" allows certain weapon types to shoot even if moving, but with a BS of 1 (ie. 6 to hit)
- Blast Weapons cannot "snap fire"
- You can only killed as much models in target unit as you can actually see (and within max range).
- Casualties are now removed from closest to furthest.
- Wound Allocation is completely changed.
- When shooting at unit partially in cover, player can choose to "Focus Fire" to kill only models in the open (or in a less covered position).
- You can now throw (most) grenades in the Shooting Phase at the range of 8", limited to 1 grenade per unit per Phase.

Assault Phase

- Charge Distance is now 2D6" adding together.
- Unit can elect to "Overwatch" if being assaulted. Simply a "Stand and Shoot 40K version" - resolved at BS1, Template does D3 hit instead.
- Overwatch can be done only once per turn.
- Unit declaring multiple assaults will suffer from "Disoriented Charge" (not get +1A)
- Unit assaulting multiple enemy unit is subjected to multiple Overwatch.
- Unlike Stand & Shoot, Overwatch does NOT cause Morale Check or Pinning.
- Pile-in reduced to 3" and is done at the model's Initiative Step (ie. before the model could strike)
- Casualties are removed from the front rank, like the case of Shooting Phase
- Units can elect to auto-fail Morale Check at the end of Combat if all models in the unit cannot hurt the attacker at all (ie. S3 vs T10).
- Challenges are in for IC.
- Close-Combat Weapon now have AP value, ranging from AP- to AP1. Pistols don't grant more bonus than in 5th Edition.
- Power SWORD and Lightning Claws are "S: as user" AP3, though Power AXE is S+1, AP2, but is subjected to penalties (Initiative Reduced)
- Fists and Chainfists are Sx2 AP2 and Unwieldy (Intiative reduced to 1), Thunder Hammers has "Concussive" (the exact (or almost) same rules as in 5th Edition)


- Vehicles are now limited to move at the maximum of 12" in the Movement Phase (though it can move further in the Shooting Phase if desired)
- Vehicles can opt to move "Flat Out" in the Shooting Phase, adding an extra 6".
- Vehicles movement and weapons. Defensive and Primary Weapons are gone. You can fire all of your weapons at most of the time. But moving faster will result in less weapon fired at basic BS, the rest will be fired at BS1 (Snap Fire)
- Fast Skimmer moving Flat Out can be more lethal (fire more weapons than in 5th and moving faster [12" Normal + 18" Flat Out])
- Skimmer got a cover save called Jink, basically 5+ cover save and improved to 4+ if going Flat Out.
- Vehicles count as WS0 (auto-hit) if stationary and WS1 (3+ hit) if moved. No idea on how Fast or Skimmer will have bonus, as cover aren't used in Assault.
- Flyers are now in, with its own rules.
- Flyers can move very fast and is hard to target (6 only to hit) unless the shooter has Skystrike rules that allow them to shoot flyer at normal BS.
- When moving fast (called "Zooming") Flyers cannot move less than 12" and cannot disembark any models.

Vehicle and Damage

- New Vehicle Damage Chart, one to rule them all. 1-2 being Shaken, 3 Stunned, 4 and 5 Weapon Destroyed and Immobilised, and 6 Explodes! You only roll the table if the shot penetrate the Armour. Wrecks occur only from taking certain amount of Glancing Hits.
- AP 2 weapons add +1 to the chart, while AP1 adds +2.
- AP"-" is no longer -1 on the table.
- Open-Topped is +1 as well.
- No more "Half Strength if the center hole is off", you always use full strength for any blast that hits the vehicle.
- Hull Points - a new style "wound" for vehicles. Any Glancing Hits removes 1 Hull Point, Penetrate Hit removes 1 Hull Point as well as rolling on the Damage Chart above. If reduced to 0 HP, the vehicle becomes Wreck.
- Vehicles has 3 or 4 HP, notable 4 HP vehicles are Ghost Ark, Land Raider, and Monolith. Details can be found in the rulebook appendix. (Bloodwing stated that some player propose that the formula for Hull Points is Front + Side(once) + Rear divide by 3. Fractions rounding down - this seems to be true.

Vehicle and Passenger

- Passenger can only disembark if vehicle move 0-6".
- Disembarking rules changes, you now place models in base contact with the access point and move up to 6" - this is the furthest distance the unit may move.
- Embarking is pretty much the same.
- Unit count as moving if the vehicle moved 0.1-6", and can only "Snap Fire" if the vehicle move 6.01 - 12"
- Open-topped transport rules are the same (access points and fire points)
- Exploding Flyer that has "zoomed" will result in a S10 no armour save on its passenger. And some sort of S6 Large Blast at any unit under the point the vehicle goes on flame.

Psychic Power

- NO PSYCHIC PHASE (or whatever people are assuming they are)
- Perils of the Warp causes one wound, no saves of any kind allowed.
- Types of psychic power, witchfire (psychic shooting attack), focused witchfire (has a chance to allow player to choose the target model when removing casualty by rolling low scores on Psychic Test), nova (affects all enemy units within range), maelstrom (affecting both friendly and enemy within range), blessing (augmented friend), and malediction (de-buff enemy).
- "Deny the Witch" - every models/units have a slight chance to nullify the effect of psychic power (6+). Chances increase if your unit has Psyker.
- Psychic Hood is reduced to 4+ Deny the Witch if the target of the power is within 6" of the wearer.
- There are 5 new Disciplines of Psychic Powers in the BRB, each has 7 Powers. Each army can access different Disciplines, some cannot use them at all.
- Casting Psychic Power remains the same as in 5th.
- Psychic Powers now have 2 level, calling Warp Charge 1 and 2. Mastery Level 1 can only use Warp Charge 1 power, while Mastery Level 2 allows you to cast 2 "Warp Charge 1" power or 1 "Warp Charge 2". Higher Mastery allows for more.
- Each Psyker generate Warp Charge equal to his Mastery Level.


- Look Out, Sir! is in. Grants character 50% chance to evade the attack if he's within 6" of friendly unit (works in combat too), resolved each successful Look Out Sir on the models within 6" instead.
- Look Out Sir! is improved to 2+ for Independent Character.
- Character can issue / accept challenges.
- One model in your army will be the Warlord (one with highest LD), Warlord can roll on a table (there's 3 table, you can choose 1) to see what benefit he receive. Examples are units within 12" can use his LD, the Character count as Scoring Units, Warlord has FNP if within 3" of Objective.


- Fortification - a new addition to the FoC, limited to 0-1 this allows player to purchase some kind of terrain for their army. Expensive one are Fortress of Redemption (220 points) and cheap ones are Aegis Defence Lines (50 points)
- Allies - a new system that allows player to have a detachment made of another army in the list. Allies works like WFB8th Edition with best buddies, normal allies, and untrusted. The detachment is limited to 1HQ and 1 Troop(compulsory) and additional 1 Troop, 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack, and 1 Heavy Support.


- There are 3 Deployment Types, one being the classic Pitched Battle, second one is reversed Pitched Battle (deploying along the short table edges), and third one is a triangular deployment.
- Selecting deployment zone remains the same, roll-off to see who deploys first and go first.
- Seize Initiative is still the same.
- 6 Missions with 2 Level Objectives. Primary Objectives grants more Victory Points, but harder to achieve. Secondary Objective is always 1 VP and has 3 of them. First Blood (for getting the first "kill point", Slay the Warlord (for killing the enemy Warlord - aka. general), and Linebreaker (having your units in enemy deployment zone at the end of the game)
- Deep Strike Mishap is softened now: 1 - You're Dead, 2-3 Misplaced, and 4-6 Delayed.
- Feel No Pain dropped to 5+
- There's still only 1 Level of Instant Death, no Instant Death(x)
- Fleet allows for re-rolls on Run and possibly Assault distances.
- "Hammer of Wrath" allows model to make single attack at their base strength before combat on the turn it assault. Jump Infantry and Bike have it.
- Monstrous Creature can make "Smash" attack, forfeit half of its attack to resolve attack at Sx2 against vehicle.
- Flying Monstrous Creature can make two mode of movement. One being 24" move, performing D3+1 "Vector Strike" on a single unit within the path and then shoot up to two weapons or run 2D6" in the shooting phase. However, it cannot assault or being assaulted unless it get shot and fall down from the sky first (can't remember how you fire at it, 6 only?) Should it fall from the sky, it will take S9 hit and can now be assaulted as normal.
- Sniper has rule to allow them to allocate wounds to the model of your choice if you roll a 6 when rolling to hit.
- Rage is now +2 Attack on assault.
- Many new generalization of rules...such as Armourbane (roll 2d6 for armour penetration) and Fleshbane (2+ to wound)....this also expands to weapons as well (unwieldy, concussive, etc.)

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Forgeworld New Releases - Spartan Land Raider

Lord knows I have been excited about this beast for months now.  It carries 25 troops in Power Armor!  (That's 12 Terminators).  I have to believe this is a super heavy tank with 2 structure points.  It has bigger engines and TWO Quad Lascannons (no rules yet though).

Size Comparison:

From Forgeworld:

An armoured transport of truly massive proportions, the Spartan is a heavy assault tank previously all but unknown outside of the revered Space Marine Chapters and the secretive Adeptus Mechanicus. The Spartan is a huge armoured conveyer whose purpose is to carry a large body of troops into the very heart of an enemy’s battle lines, weathering weapons fire that would be the death of any lesser vehicle.

Its design bears clear connections with that of the mighty Land Raider, and its genius is such that the greater proportion of its interior space is given over to a transport capacity greater than any other Imperial vehicle save the super-heavy Gorgons – being capable of carrying twenty-five power armoured Space Marines into battle. It is, however, considerably faster on the battlefield thanks to potent reactor-driven motive drives, and it boasts an equally potent armament in the form of sponson-mounted quad lascannon batteries and secondary heavy bolters.

The Spartan Assault Tank, model designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is an enormous multi-part resin kit that features a detailed interior. Experimental rules to allow this armoured behemoth to be fielded in games of Warhammer 40,000 will be available to download soon. The Spartan itself can be pre-ordered for despatch from Friday 29th June.

And the video!

6th Edition Advance Orders Up!

Well, it's up on Advance order!  All your 6th edition goodies are at the Games Workshop website.

Collector's Edition Rulebook
 $ 132

Gamer's Edition Rulebook
 $ 132

40K Rulebook

40K Psychic Powers Cards

 40K Munitorum Templates
$ 19.75

A review of the new White Dwarf by Rob from Spikey Bitz:

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More 6th Edition information!

Imperius Dominatus has some great stuff on 6th Edition as well as posting the above Image.  Much we have heard before, so is confirmation, but some is new.  Check out their website for updates.

Well well well, look what I've managed to get my grubby mitts on :D

Quick rundown:

The new books look beautiful, full colour and the various photos of the pages throughout the magazine look really nice, can't wait to get my copy.  As you have probably guessed the front of the magazine is very product heavy.

There is a very basic overview of how the new rules will influence each army, looks like even Tau get a boost ;)

Two battle reports one involving the flyers and the other is Imperial Guard/Grey Knights vs Chaos Space Marines/Daemons.  I'm looking forward to reading this as it showcases the much rumoured allies.  The game is 2500pts with around 1750 spent on the main armies and 750pts spent on allies.  Interesting things I've noticed are that allies use a small foc and it appears that fortifications are purchased with the ally points allocation, a bastion with quad laser is 125pts.

There is an article giving brief details of what psychic disciplines each army can take and how many powers their psykers can take.  Powers from codices are still usable but unfotunately you can't mix and match, you either take codex powers or use new powers.  Most psykers can take 1 or 2 powers, extremely powerful psykers can take 3, Eldrad can take 4! He is such a fucking dick... ;)

The main batrep keeps score with Victory Points so it looks like Killpoints are a thing of the past, looks like my 60pt Dire Avenger squad will no longer be worth as many points as a fucking Land Raider...Yay :D

There is a large 8 page article giving an overview to the main rule changes, I haven't had chance to read this yet.


Objectives give different amounts of victory points depending on whether they are a primary or secondary objective.

Battle scenarios have primary and secondary missions.

Before the game you nominate a HQ as your 'Warlord', this model then gets to roll on one of three warlord trait tables, these are - Command, Personal and Strategic.

Hammer of Wrath - Allows Jump Troops to use their mass to deal damage as they land on their enemies.

Overwatch - Allows a free round of shooting if charged by an enemy but with bs1.

Update 2!

Missions -  There seems to be a main mission table that you roll for and then the scenario has seconday missions.  Different missions have effects on the game such as making fast attack choices scoring - Is this GW's way of stopping spam?

Warlord Trait - Command traits has Inspiring Presence which means units within 12" of your warlord can use their leadership.

Warlord Trait - Personal traits has Immovable Object which means the warlord can capture objectives.

New Rule - Interceptor, this gives the ability to shoot at units as they arrive from reserve.

New Rule - Skyfire, this allows the unit to fire at flyers at the models bs instead of bs1.

Sqns - Models in a sqn do not block each others los.

Mysterious Terrain - Archeotech Artefact, when this is discovered every psyker on the board suffers D3 S3 AP2 hits.

Update 3!

New Deployment - Hammer and Anvil, game is played along the long edge of the table (No more putting people by the radiator for Mercer!)

Secondary Mission - First Blood, first to kill an enemy unit gains a victory point.

New Rule - Flyers always arrive from reserve.

Flyers have to engage hover mode to allow units to disembark.  While hovering flyers are counted as a fast skimmer.

New Rule - Multiple Assault, you can charge seperate units but you lose the +1 attack for charging (Fire Dragons say hello to static gunlines!).

If a flyer is shot down units on board take a S10 hit.

Update 4!

Aegis Defence Lines grant a 4+ cover save but add +2 if you go to ground behind them.

New Rule - Overwatch, when a squad is charged they can fire at the assaulting unit but they fire at bs1.

Update 5!

Rule Change - Fleet allows you to re-roll the 2d6 charge roll.

Terrain - Imperial Statues, armies of the imperium within 2" of an imperial statue are fearless.

Terrain - Fuel Tanks, grant a 5+ cover save, every time the fuel tank grants a cover save roll a D6, on a 1 the fuel tank explodes causing a S3 hit.

Terrain - Impact Craters, these grant a 5+ cover save.

Update 6!

Overwatch - Flamers cause D3 automatic hits when firing on overwatch.

New Rule - Snapfire, when stunned Dreadnoughts (possibly all walkers/vehicles) can snapfire at bs1.

New Rule - Ongoing Reserves, flyers can leave the board and be placed back in reserve, they then roll their reserve roll as normal.

Flyers - If a flyer is destroyed the wreckage can land on top of units and cause damage.

And that my friends is that, White Dwarf has been an interesting, if a little vague, read this month.  It has done its job in getting me hyped for 6th :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6th Edition Photos from White Dwarf!

Here are photos from the new White Dwarf (European Edition) of 6th Edition. 

The Rulebook

Special Editions

Psychic Power Chart

New Dice and Markers

Psychic Power Cards

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Even more 6th Edition Leaks and PHOTO!

White Dwarf Photos!

This is a chat that was posted on Beltway Gamers, a forum for Washinton DC area gamers.   It is a chat with someone who has inside info from a GW source.  It pretty much confirms what we have heard from other sources and expands on much. (I hav eedited out irrelevant stuff).

[10:35:09] <source> Ok
[10:35:13] <source> so GW is spoilin 6E
[10:35:15] <source> over the phone
[10:35:23] <source> allies chart is in for sure, a matrix
[10:40:13] <source> you need 1 HQ 2 Troop of your own army
[10:40:26] <source> then you can ally, need 1 HQ 1 Troop of that army
[10:40:31] <source> then may take other slots
[10:45:49] <source> it's still move shoot assault
[10:46:01] <source> "snapshop" = stand and shoot for an assaulted unit
[10:46:20] <source> BS1
[10:46:58] <source> no template or blast
[10:47:32] <source> someone gimme a BoLS link so I can confirm/deny ****
[10:48:04] <source> "schools of psychic powers"
[10:48:11] <source> not sure if its random though
[10:50:44] <source> these psychic powers are IN ADDITION to your codex powers
[10:51:11] <source> so you don't lose any of the powers in a current codex
[10:52:25] <source> premeasure all the time
[10:52:40] <source> random charges 2d6 for foot, 3d6 drop lowest for jump pack troops
[10:53:05] <source> jump pack troops get "hammer of wrath" = impact hits, 1 A @ I 10, normwal weapon normal attack
[10:53:35] <source> for jump packs, not sure about wings, maybe
[10:53:41] <source> he only got to look at the book for an hour
[10:53:46] <source> to "pick topics for customers"
[11:00:13] <source> 6 missions, and 3 deployment zones
[11:00:23] <source> primary and 3 secondary objectives
[11:00:28] <source> vps for objectives
[11:01:02] <source> "first blood" = 2nd objective
[11:01:09] <source> worth 1 vp
[11:01:37] <source> any questions chip?
[11:01:42] <source> I got him for like 10 mins more maybe ;p
[11:01:50] <chip> can special characters be brought as allies
[11:02:07] <source> he didn't see any limit on it no
[11:02:25] <source> no more dawn of war, no more spearhead
[11:02:41] <source> one is like triangles
[11:02:44] <source> cleanse 2?
[11:04:20] <source> short edge to short edge deployment type
[11:05:13] <chip> Can you get info about different CCW AP values
[11:05:20] <source> he didn't look at that
[11:05:26] <source> I did ask, there is somethin about CCWs
[11:05:37] <source> power weapon is AP2
[11:06:35] <chip> You sure about that? Pretty confident people said AP3
[11:07:45] <source> there is a hull point systemm, damage chart changed
[11:08:03] <source> 1-2 shaked 3 = stuned 4 = weapon destroyed 5 = wrecked 6 = kablam
[11:08:25] <source> he didnt seen an immobile on the chart
[11:08:42] <source> he just "Saw that it said AP2, not sure what it was about"
[11:10:05] <source> terrain is a part of the FoC
[11:10:13] <source> aegis defense line 50pts
[11:10:27] <source> cover is 5+
[11:12:42] <source> "fortifcation FOC slot"
[11:13:09] <source> 1 per game
[11:15:57] <source> err sorry 1 per player per game
[11:16:25] <source> rapid fire is half range not 12"
[11:17:51] <source> rapid fire isnt limited by movement
[11:17:52] <chip> but aren't rapid fire guns 24"
[11:17:55] <chip> so half range is 12"
[11:18:09] <source> snapshot is also for HWs that have moved
[11:18:52] <chip> wait, so you can fire a krak missile as a snapshot?
[11:19:06] <source> yes
[11:19:10] <source> BS1
[11:19:22] <source> heavy bolter that moves = 3 shots at BS1

More coming I am sure!


More 6th Edition Confirmations!

Well, Blood of Kittens never fails to deliver and they have brought us the latest round of 6th Edition confirmations.

- Hull Points are in, it is stated that Ghost Arks, Land Raiders, and Defilers each have 4 Hull Points apiece. Necrons have the ability to strip hull points for each roll of a 6 to penetrate/glance vehicles, making rapid-firing gauss weaponry very powerful at removing armour. 

– Speaking of rapid fire, you can indeed move and fire once up to the full range of the weapon (it is explicitly stated that Fire Warriors can fire their weapons up to 30″ away), no confirmation on the 3x fire for Relentless at half range though. 

– Assault moves are indeed 2d6″, but added together. Units equipped with jump packs can re-roll the dice to see how far they charge.

– The Rage USR gives you +2 attacks on the charge

– All flying monstrous creatures have the ability to fly 24″, doing something called a “Vector Strike”, which is a certain amount of automatic hits to a unit they fly over, at the base strength of the creature. 

– Monstrous creatures’ attacks are explicitly AP 2

– Every army must select a “Warlord” or single general to lead the army, this leader gets an ability. They can choose between three different types of abilities, “Personal”, “Inspirational” or “Strategic”. They then roll on one of those charts to see what ability it is. The two examples given were a Grand Master giving all friendlies within 12″ his Ld of 10 (Inspirational), and a Chaos Lord being a scoring unit (Personal, the ability itself was called “Immovable Object”)

– Flyers are a specific type of unit, and it is somewhat unclear as to the rules for shooting at them. Either all units require a 6 to hit them (unless they have a special rule called Skyfire), or this is still the case but only if those flyers move flat-out. Monstrous creatures with the ability to Fly also get this “6-to-hit” rule.

– You have the ability to buy different terrain (it even has its own slot on the new FOC), e.g, you can buy a Bastion with a Quad-Gun (which has the aforementioned Skyfire USR). There seem to be quite a few options for what terrain you can buy, but naturally most of them are typically represented by terrain kits GW sells.

– Now we’re on the topic of the FOC, the rules for allies weren’t laid out specifically, but it is heavily implied that its not the same as in WHFB. They refer to allied units as “Detachments”, and there is an example of a player with a Chaos Space Marine force having some detachments of Chaos Daemons in his army. Basically, I was given the impression that it is far more common (and frequent) for a detachment from another 40k army to join a larger one, than it is for a Fantasy army to have Allies. Think more along the lines of the Storm of Magic rules for using TK, VC, or Daemons.

– Here’s a biggie: Units -can- go on Overwatch, giving them the ability to fire upon an enemy unit which charges them, but at BS 1. Eldar (and any other army with access to the Clairvoyance psychic power set) can use a psychic power to give a unit the ability to fire at their usual BS.

– Monstrous Creatures have access to a special “Smash” attack, allowing them to halve their attacks, but double their strength. It mentions that this gives them the ability to destroy tanks more easily.

– It’s somewhat hinted that AP will have some kind of affect against vehicles. This is because part of the Munitorum dice set includes vehicle damage dice. It specifies that some of the dice are “AP 1, AP 2, and AP 3 Damage dice”, or something to that effect.

– 4 Disciplines of Psychic powers, basically what we were thinking in terms of Clairvoyance, Biomancy, etc etc. There’s a chart near the back of the WD detailing which (if any) psychic disciplines a particular army gains access to. It’s interesting to see that a large amount of armies don’t have access to any at all. - Land Speeders have the special rule “Jink”, which gives them a 5+ save all the time, this changes to 4+ if they go flat out. (I’m reasonably sure all fast skimmers get this, I’m not sure whether it’s a USR or just a quality Fast Skimmers get)

-Also,models are taken from the front when they’re shot. Or, to put it another way, when a unit gets shot at, models from the part of the unit closest to the firer are removed first.

Well, there you go folks!  Life is about to get much more interesting.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

6th Edition Rulebook Revealed!

This photo appeared on Facebook and it appears that this is the new 6th Edition Rulebook.  What appears to be Dark Angels are on the cover, which again shows that the First Legion will be playing a major part in the 40K universe this cycle.

Again, the release appears to be:

June 23rd - Advance Orders for 6th edition rulebook.  White Dwarf with 6th edition.
June 30th - 6th edition live in stores!

I know what I will be doing the 30th!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

6th Edition & Dark Angels Coming!

Well, it seems we know the following is pretty much gospel now:

June 23rd - Advance Orders for 6th edition rulebook.  White Dwarf with 6th edition.

June 30th - 6th edition live in stores!

And here is what we are seeing on the Dark Angels front.  First, the sprue that will be in the 40K Starter Paint Set.  Note the molded on Dark Angel shoulder pads.

Darnok from Warseer says that:

Dark angels are 'getting something very exciting for 2-3 months time' 

Now that is interesting as we hear Chaos Marines are next.  So that probably means Dark Angels are, in fact, in the 6th edition Starter Set.  

I started with Dark Angels, but lost interest after the bland 4th edition codex, which basically neutered the Angels of Caliban.  And let's hope they get a proper Codex, not a White Dwarf one.  If Games Workshop has proven anything, it is that White Dwarf codexes are fails.  Both Blood Angels and Sisters have been awful, and that is coming from someone who plays both.

So please treat the Dark Angels with the respect they deserve as the First Legion!



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