Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vulkan Lives Released

Vulkan Lives!  The latest in the Horus Heresy series, has been released and it promises to be epic!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Forge World and the New Eldar Codex

My buddy Ryan Bell is an Eldar player and contacted Forge World when the new Eldar codex came out.  The questions are relevant to all Eldar players.

Games Day Quick Interviews

John Owens got to chat with Jeremy Vetock and Simon WIlliamson.  Here are some quick questions and answers for you all.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gamesday Report - Forge World Preview

Gamesday 2013 was yesterday in Memphis, and Forge World was there in force as usual. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gamesday Report - New Space Marine Flyer!

Gamesday attendees got their first look at the Fire Raptor Space Marine Flyer from Forge World.  It looks like a gunship version of the Storm Raven. 

Black Library Limited Edition "Scorched Earth"

The Black Library has anotherLimited Edition Horus Heresy Novella about the Salamanders titled "Scorched Earth".

Friday, July 26, 2013

Space Hulk: Pre-order Details Announced

Photos courtesy of Steampowered.com
The Space Hulk video game is now up for pre order. It'll be out on PC/Mac on August 15th and later this year on the iPad.

Forge World New Horus Heresy Releases

Forge World continues to release new infantry models for the Horus Heresy.  This time the Sons of Horus Reaver squad and Mk II, III and IV Despoiler Squads.

New Imperial Armour Apocalypse Book

A new Imperial Armour Apocalypse book is heading our way from Forge World.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black Library Explains Horus Heresy Versions

Over the last year The Black Library has started releasing different editions of its popular Horus Heresy series.  This has caused both confusion and consternation among collectors.  So is there a plan here?    Well, fear not, if you want the small paperbacks, you will get them, just not right away.  Here is the lowdown on how The Black Library is handling the release of different formats of their Horus Heresy series.

From The Black Library:

What one’s right for me?

Since we introduced the two new formats for our Horus Heresy range, we’ve received a number of questions, notably:

What size are the new formats?

What is the time period between the releases?
Will I be able to continue my paperback collection?

So we thought we’d devote today’s blog to answering these.

What size are the new formats?

A picture is said to paint a thousand words, so this seems like the best way to compare the new formats with the existing paperback range:

The hardback collector’s edition is the first to be released and contains not only the story, but four exclusive illustrations, an author (or editor) afterword, a numbered spine (so you can easily keep your collection in order) and the full cover art printed on the hardcover.

The trade paperback is a large-format softcover that includes flaps on the covers, inside which you can see the full, unadorned artwork.

Finally, the ‘legacy edition’ paperback is exactly the same format that collectors of the Horus Heresy will be familiar with.

What is the time period between releases?

The first of these formats to be available is the hardback collector’s edition. This will come out alongside the unabridged MP3 audiobook, the Enhanced eBook (including the illustrations and author afterword), the poster and the digital wallpaper. You can buy these on blacklibrary.com and we’ve even put together some bundle deals to enable you to pick up the different formats together. The novels themselves will also be available from Games Workshop Hobby Centres.

Next, we have the trade paperback. This deluxe softback edition is available from blacklibrary.com and in all good bookstores. It is released three months after the collector’s edition. For example, Betrayer was released in hardback at the end of December and the trade paperback will be on sale at the end of this month.

Finally, we come to the legacy edition, which will be released alongside the regular eBook, six months after the trade paperback.

Will I be able to continue my paperback collection?

In short, yes. While small mass-market paperback books are rapidly disappearing from shelves in favour of eBooks or more premium formats, we are committed to continuing the Horus Heresy in this style, so that all those fans who want to have a consistent look to their collection can do so.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to email us at contact@blacklibrary.com and we will do our best to answer them all.

So there you go!  I am a huge fan of this series and now collect both the hardcover collectors editions (I am a bit of a book collector as it is) and then the small paperback, of which I have all of the series.  Yeah, you can complain that they are milking you, but frankly, I am willing to pay for these books as they are just that damn good.  And if you don't want to wait, buy the eBooks.  After all I want everythig on eBook myself someday.  I just wish the bundles were a better deal.


Horus Heresy Short Stories from Black Library

The Black Library has released four Horus Heresy short stories that originally appeared in limited edition event texts.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Apocalypse Collector's Edition Unboxing

My good buddy Rob at Spikey Bits wrote up this article on the Apocalypse Collector's Edition, which is a great summary of what this amazing kit offers.  If you are a hard core Apoc nut like me, this set was a must have.  

40K Rumor Roundup

A new mini-rulebook, new supplements and more!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inside GW - A Must See Video!

This video is HILARIOUS.  You must watch it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Black Templar Rumors

Well, the Black Templar rumors are hot and heavy!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Forge World Heresy Whirlwind and Land Speeder

Forge World has released two more Horus Heresy units.  The Scorpius Whirlwind and the Javelin Land Speeder.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bolter & Chainsword Needs Help!

Bolter and Chainsword, the premier Space Marine forum, went down due to a hardware failure. The owner is having health problems and has put out a call for finacial assistance to get the forum back online. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Apocalypse, Sisters and Black Templars!

Sisters are here to stay, Templar's get their own codex and Apoc insights here:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

40K Inquisition Coming

A new game is coming from Games Workshop and it is a skirmish game for 40K

Monday, July 15, 2013

Apocalypse Warzone: Pandorax

The Warzone: Pandorax booklet in the Apocalypse "Collector's Edition" lists new formations.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

White Scars Horus Heresy Novel announced.

The White Scars get the full Horus Heresy treatment next year.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Farsight Sighted!

The Digital version of the Farsight Tau supplement comes out the 20th, while the hardcover comes out much later.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Space Marine Codex and Supplements.

Space marines are coming, and only two months away.    And we can expect some very cool supplements.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Black Legion next 40K Codex Supplement?

Best_Pone on Warseer has posted a rumor that The Black Legion is the next codex supplement we will see.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Death Korps of Krieg Rules Updated

So many people love the Death Korps of Krieg.  And Forge World has updated the army list.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Apocalypse Rules and Formations - Part III

Here is the latest Apocalypse data dump from Engrimm.  He has provided most of the info for just about every blog on Apoc this week.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Apocalypse Formations - Updated and Revised

An updated list of Apocalypse Formations.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Apocalypse Rules - Part II - Formations


More insight into the new Apocalypse Rulebook.

Apocalypse Rules - Part I - Q & A

I got to ask someone with an Apocalypse Rulebook some questions.  Here is the first of them along with answers straight from the Rulebook.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Apocalypse Latest!

Apocalypse will be released next Saturday.  Here is the latest.

Via MajorWesJanson on Warseer


 Contents (guesses are in bold, some pages are confirmed to exist but not a definite page number, those are listed with either best guess page number with a ? or just as page ??):

5 What is Apocalypse

23 Strategic Resources
Inside 23-24? Eldar vs Chaos double gatefold
30 Strategic Assets
31 Asset Cards
32 Asset Cards
33 Asset Cards
34 Asset Cards
35 Asset Cards
36 Asset Cards
37-69 New Rules and Weapon Types
51-55 Organizing the Apocalypse

79 Baneblade
80 Banehammer
81 Banesword
82 Catachan Ambush Patrol
83 Doomhammer
84 Emperor's Fist Tank Company
85 Emperor's Talons Recon Company
86 Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company
87 Hellhammer
88 Imperial Shield Infantry Company
89 Imperial Sword Heavy Weapon Company
90 Lord Castellan's Supreme Command
91 Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite
92 Shadowsword
93 Steel Fury Baneblade Company
94 Stormlord
95 Stormsword
96 Battle Company/ Reserve Company (Tactical/Assault/Devastator)
97 Fellblade?
98 First Company Veterans
99 Librarius
100 Masters of the Chapter
101 Prediator Assassin Squadron
102 Scout Company
103 Imperial Fists Titanhammer Squad
104 Thunderhawk?
105 The Black Rage
106 Lucifer Armoured Task Force
107 Wings of Sanguinius
108 Space Wolf Great Company
109 Space Wolf Librarius
110 Brethren of the Great Wolf
111 Wolfpack Flanking Force
112 Deathwing Redemption Force
113 Ravenwing Huntmasters
114 Brothers of the Flame
115 Dreadknight Brethren
116 Extermination Force
117 Reaver Titan? Marauder Bomber?
118? Warhound Titan
119 Cult of Destruction
120 Heldrake Fear Squadron
121 Lord of Skulls
122 Legionaire Warband
123 Lords of the Black Crusade
124 The Lost and Dammed
125 Thousand Sons War Coven
126 Tide of Spawn
127 Cohort of Blood
128 The Flaming Host of Tzeentch
129 The Great Promenade of Exquisite Excess
130 The Tallymen of Nurgle
131 Tetragon of Darkness
133 Battlewagon Steamrolla Squad
134 Burna-Bommer Skwadron
135 Da Bully Boyz
136 Dread Mob
137 Big Mek Stompa?
138 Stompa
139 Gargantuan Squiggoth?
140 Green Tide
141 Battlefortress? 142 Cobra?
143 Cloudstrike Squadron
144 Farseer Council
145 The Phoenix Court of Khiane
146 Phantom Titan
147? Revenant Titan
148 Scorpion 149 Vampire?
150 Sunstorm Squadron
151 Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad
152 Windrider Host
153 Carnival of Pain
154 Dark Olympiad
155 Kabalite Web Strike
156 Ravager Titan Hunters
157 Sickle Squadron
158 Void Dragon Phoenix? FW website blub says they frequently work with dark eldar. 159 Barbed Heirodule?
160 Carnifex Crusher Brood
161 Endless Swarm
162 Harridan? 163 Heirophant Bio Titan?
164 Living Fortress
165 Subterranean Swarm
166 Vanguard Infestation
167 Scythed Heirodule? 168 Spore Chimney?
169 Acquisition Phalanx
170 Baleful Necropolis
171 Infinite Phalanx
172? Obelisk
173 Pylon?
174? Tesseract Vault
175 The War Council of Mandragora
176? Trancendent C'tan
177 Air Superiority Wing
178 Counterstrike Cadre
179 Kroot Hunting Pack
180 Optimised Stealth Group
181 Rapid Insertion Force
182 Riptide Wing
183 Skysweep Missile Defence
184 Tigershark? 185 Tigershark AX-1-0 Mentioned in the Air Superiority Wing
?? Grand Redoubt (Apoc level Firestorm Redoubt?)
?? Macro-cannon Aquilla Strongpoint
?? Vortex Missile Aquilla Strongpoint

4 are missing still, with two possibly being the
?? Marauder Bomber (Pages 117 and 118 are tricky, as the Warhound is confirmed, the Reaver has a 2 page spread of the model, and Marauder was in the first Apoc book, but there are only 2 pages of space.) ?? Marauder Destroyer

196 Lords of the Black Crusade showcase
197 Masters of the Chapter showcase
?? Obelisk showcase
?? Necron army spread
?? Reaver Titan spread
?? Sacred Blade cutaway (spread?)

230 Ghazkulls First Invasion
231 Maps

[Armageddon Showcase]
[Armageddon Formations]
262 Heroes of Armageddon
263 Armageddon Stompa Hunters
264 Fortress of Arrogance
265 Imperial Vengeance Mechanized Company
266 Crusader Hailstorm Squadron
267 Sons of Grimaldus
268 The Legion Ascendant
269 Firestorm Nexus
270 Imperial Stronghold
271 Bikeboyz Kult of Speed
272 ?
273 ?
274 Karnage Skwadron
275 Ork Storma Elite
276 Overlord Von Strab
277 Red Skull Kommandoes
278 Stompa Mob

?? Reference pages


"With 11 distinct classes of formation, you can take your choice from the C'tan-powered Tesseract Vault to an entire Battle Company of Space Marines!"

I would guess two of the missing three are Super-heavy Fliers and Gargantuan Creatures. Not sure what the 11th could be.

There are distinct icons for various formations:
Skull inside a Cog- Superheavy Vehicle
Three Skulls over 3 Arrows- Battle Formation
Xenos Skull with Mandibles- Gargantuan Creature?

Force Organization DOES seem to exist in Apoc in some form, as the Command Tank upgrade for Baneblade and Stormsword specifies that they both become a high command formation (bonus Strategic asset?) and a HQ choice.



Each side gets a number of Strategic Assets equal to the total number of players on the largest side. Each player then chooses one, and if one side is smaller than the other, that sides "Warmaster" gets to choose the leftover objectives. Additionally, some High Command Formations and rules give a player (not side) bonus assets (which would explain why the command tank upgrade on the Baneblade is so expensive) Assets may not be duplicated on a side.

Asset Listing. Guesses/partials in bold. (63 total) Additionally, Battlezone Armageddon includes some additional assets.

Blind Barrage
Flank March
Orbital Bombardment
Precise Coordinates
Shield Generator
Supreme Headquarters
Trophy Kill

On My Coordinates

Crusade Banner
Fury of the Just
Corrupt and Despoil
?? Altar
Blood Thirst
Grand Pavane
Entropic Plague

Rok 'em Boyz
Stand To, Ladz!
Darkstar Warhead
Icefire Warhead


DARK Eldar
Murderous Pain Combat Stimms


?? Horror

Missing formations from Apoc 1, Reloaded, WD, and Web formations
I left out the various superheavies and formations that have been modified either into codex units (Plague of Zombies) or alternate but very similar formations (Seer council of Ulthwe, Thousand Sons Warcoven)

Missing from Apoc original:
IG Ogryn Auxila
SM Armored Spearhead
SM Suppression Force
SM Linebreaker Squadron
Eldar Aspect Assault Wave
Eldar Spirit Host
Tyranid Hive Mind Brood
Tyranid Mycetic Assault Storm
Tau Armored Interdiction Cadre

Missing from Apoc Reloaded:
IG Hellstorm Squadron
SM Ultramarines Honor Guard
SM Skyhammer Orbital Strike Force
SM Deathknell Orbital Strike Force
Orks Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron
Orks Loota Wreckin' Krew
Eldar Baharroth's Tempest
Eldar Shard of the Void Weaver
Eldar Great Court of the young King
Tyranid Genestealer Infestation
Tyranid Kraken Tendril Swarm
Tyranid Behemoth Crusher Brood
Tyranid Eye of the Hive
Tau Farstrike Battlesuit Force
Tau Firestream Piranha Wing
Necron Resurrection War Cell
Necrons Stormcaller War Cell
CSM Hounds of Huron
CSM Doombringer Annhilation Force
CSM Slaughterfiend Bloodpack
Daemons Host of the Daemonforge
Daemons Karanak's Hunt

Missing from Web/WD:
IG Bellapheron pattern Aerial Domination Force
IG Shadowsword Domination Force
IG 'Emperor's Deliverance' Rocket Battery
IG 'Mailed Fist' Tank Command
SM Hellstorm Assault Force
SM Thunderfire Defense Battery
SM Shrike's Talons
BA Deathstorm Strike Force
BA Thunderhawk Assault Force
BA Archangel Skyforce
BA Dante's Sanguine Host
BA Firestorm Strike Force
SW Sternhammers Wulfen Guard
GK Redeemer Force
GK Officio Assassinorum Execution Force
GK Extermination Strike Force
GK Crusade of Fire
Orks Trukk Konvoy
Orks Submersible
Orks Shokk Attack Battery
Orks Minelayer
Eldar Ulthwe Strike Force
Eldar Shadow Sect of Karandas
Eldar Shadow Walker Formation
Eldar Saim-Hann Serpent Squadron
Eldar Deathweaver Squadron
Tyranid Screamer Killer Brood
Tyranid Leviathan Gargoyle Swarm
Tyranid Bioshock Brood
Tyranid Tunnel Swarm
Tau Mirage Long Range Infiltration
Necrons Shroudweaver War Cell
Necrons Ghost Strider Phalanx
Necrons Triarch Lawbringer Phalanx
CSM Angron Daemon Primarch
CSM Defiler Assault Force
CSM Emperor's Children Warband
CSM Maelstrom of Gore
Daemons Bloodthirster Bloodbath
Daemons Outriders of the Brazen Host
Daemons The Brotherhood of Blood
Daemons The Changeling's Grand Dissimulation
Daemons The Fateweaver's Council of Despair
Imperium Defense Laser
SoB Purge Squadron
SoB Repenetant Host

That's it for now!


Friday, July 5, 2013

The Horus Heresy: Promethean Sun Re-released

Promethean Sun, the Horus Heresy novella first released as a limited edition hardcover, is now available as a regular, hard cover edition.  It is $ 24 and available on The Black Library website here.

From The Black Library:

As the Great Crusade sweeps across the galaxy, the forces of the Imperium encounter a world held in thrall by the alien Eldar. While the Iron Hands of Ferrus Manus and Mortarion's Death Guard battle against the hated xenos, it is the Salamanders who brave the deepest and most deadly jungles, encountering monstrous reptilian beasts and foul witchery along the way. Ultimately, it falls to their primarch Vulkan himself to thwart the sinister designs of the Eldar, if the Legions are to liberate this world and bring illumination to its inhabitants.

This is the first Horus Heresy novella exclusively available from Games Workshop. It comes in A5 hardback format to match the other Horus Heresy exclusives.

Horus Heresy: Promethian Sun is a 128 page premium hardback novella, in a format that matches the other Horus Heresy exclusive novels. This is exclusive to games-workshop.co.uk, blacklibrary.com and Games Workshop Hobby Centres.

I just sold my original hard cover gold edition for $ 222 on eBay (there were silver and gold limited editions).  The question is, does the price on these rare editions come down now that the book is freely available?


Forge World New Releases with Palantine Blades!

The Palatine blades are out!  Ever since the Horus Heresy Weekender, Emperor's Children fans have been waiting for these.  They cost £ 32 ($48) for a set of 5.  You can find out all the info on the ForgeWorld site here.

Mk IV Destoryer squads with jump packs!

Tartaros Terminators with Power Fists

This set is £ 176, or $ 262.  This represents a £ 20 ($30) savings.  Now why can't Games Workshop get through their thick head that bundle deals at a discount drive business?  

You can also get this set with Power Axes.

And Seeker Bolters for all those marksmen in your Horus Heresy force!

I hope you all have been saving your pennies!

And have a very Happy Fourth of July Weekend!


New 40K Releases - GW and more.

The new Tau Farsight Supplement will be released July 13th.  It will be released digitally through the Black Library.  You can find all their digital decisions here.

While I think the digital versions of the codex are very overpriced (I would like to see a package deal where, when you buy the print version you get the digital version for a small additional charge), I love the whole supplement idea.  It gets players more information and ability to game with specialized armies. 

Puppets War has a new release, an Ork flyer called the "Flying Coffin".  You can find it here.

Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July weekend!


Thursday, July 4, 2013


Warpforged Miniatures is a group of modelers who make and paint special models for clients.  His Perturabo comission is simply spectacular and deserves some press time!

I know I want him to do a commander for me.  So give the guy some business!  You can find him on Facebook.



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