Friday, August 31, 2012

Starter Rules for Chaos and Dark Angels

It looks as though we've been hit with a glimpse of the rules for the models featured in the Dark Vengeance starter set. Note that we have an official weapon entry for the Crozius. It seems our cries for clarification about such things are being answered. These photos come to us courtesy of Natfka. Enjoy.

Son of Dorn

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Imperial Armour Aeronautica Video Review

Rob from Spikey Bits does some amazing reviews on his site.  Here he reviews Imperial Armour Aeronautica.  This is a really good and interesting video I suggest you watch if you play Apocalypse!

And if you are looking for a good mail order shop for your Warhammer needs, I highly recommend Rob's store!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgeworld Horus Heresy Rumors

Horus Heresy rumors from Bell of Lost Souls:

The Horus Heresy book 1 will have rules for playing Space Marine Legions.

Each legion gets a unique special rule for all space marines.

Each Legion is getting a unique elites option.

HQs get some unique wargear based on legion as well.

Guard are in the list and operate like platoons from the 40k dex. Essentially being a list within a list needing command + 2 units and can then take others.

They can't blob, but they can be taken in squads up to 30 anyways.

Super heavy tanks are in, but are BS4 with space marine crew.

Legions have the option of taking allies from other space marine forces, Titans or guard air force.

Betrayal has the legion rules for Luna wolves, death guard, emperor's children and world eaters

Primarchs are Apocalypse only and pretty baller.

No rules for Horus until the Battle for Terra book.

Mortarion, Angron and Fulgrim are in.

Space marines are fearless and a basic marine is 16 pts with bolter, bp, ccw and their legion rule or generic place holder.

Games are recommended to be played at 2,500 points or more.

One of the special scenarios calls for 10,000 points per side and ISN'T apocalypse.

There is a section on Xenos which suggests that some heresy era rules may come for them as well, but in betrayal they are a foot note but can still participate in Volume 1 of the campaign (and presumably throughout).

later in the series to keep it fresh, there will be additional wargear and options for traitor legions in the form of mutations and gifts as well as a rules for using daemons as allies, and similar ally intended lists for Sisters of Silence and Custodes though nothing will stop you from using these lists as pure armies save that they are not fully fleshed out.

You just nominate your legion, you don't have to purchase a specific special character.

Don't worry though, special characters are in, and they force your legion rule 

There you go!  


Black Library Releases "Dark Vengence" Tie-in Novel

I have to give credit to The Black Library for really giving 40K fans lots of opportunities to enjoy the game outside of actual gaming.  The new tie-in novella is a great idea.  And liking Dark Angels, I plan on reading it myself (when will they release Astellan!).


In the grim darkness of the far future, mankind fights a desperate battle for survival amongst the stars. Foremost among its protectors are the Space Marines, genetically engineered superhumans, trained to be the ultimate warriors.
The Dark Angels are among the foremost Space Marines, the First Legion of old. Devastated millennia ago by a dreadful schism, the Dark Angels are constantly on the hunt for the mysterious Fallen, former brothers who have turned from the light of the immortal God-Emperor and embraced the dread powers of Chaos.
Newly ordained Company Master Balthasar of the Dark Angels leads his forces to the world of Bane’s Landing, the resting place of the ancient and powerful Hellfire Stone, in pursuit of the Chaos Space Marines of the Crimson Slaughter. Kranon the Relentless, the evil lord of the Crimson Slaughter, seeks to use the stone to summon forth his daemonic masters and usher in an age of darkness. As the Dark Angels race to stop him, the scene is set for a mighty conflict between the loyal Balthasar and the traitor Kranon.


Celebrate the release of the new Warhammer 40,000 boxed game with this tie-in hardback novella by C Z Dunn. Available while stocks last - order now to avoid disappointment.

The book is $ 19.99 and the ebook is $ 7.99.  You can pre-order them on The Black Library website.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Dwarf Review - September 2012

Tale of Painters is one of the best Warhammer hobby blogs on the Internet.  They just published a review of the September 2012 White Dwarf, which features Dark Vengence.  So I reprint it here and hope you will check out their blog.

The Good Stuff:

A gallery of Duncan Rhode's and Chris Peach's Vampire Counts and Brets and a gallery of alternate paint schemes for the Chaos Dark Vengeance models.

What's In There For Painters and Modellers?
An 'Eavy Metal showcase of the Dark Vengeance models; a showcase of some painted 40k terrain (same paintjobs as a couple of years before); a showcase of some alternate Chaos Dark Vengeance paintjobs; a Space Marine modelling workshop (almost all of the models are from armies shown numerous times before); a Space Wolves Armies on Parade entry; Hall of Heroes with the Slann Mage Priest; Golden Demon gallery with some Daemons; a Forge World Red Scorpions showcase; a gallery of a Vampire Counts and Brets army.

About this issue:
When you read the list above, you must think this issue is packed with hobby stuff. Well, wrong. Most of the above articles are either too short or full of recyled material or both. For example, the Space Marine modelling workshop is full of models shown many times before, as is the terrain showcase. A real bummer was the army showcase with two awesomely painted and converted Vampire Counts and Brets armies - only 6 pages of only full-spread pictures with almost zero text. No talk about where the inspiration came from, no painting tips, just pictures. In fact, there isn't a single tutorial in this issue.

On the Dark Vengeance coverage, as expected, pictures of the box contents are repeated all over the issue. On page 6 and 7 are the Dark Angels, 8 and 9 has the Chaos models, page 22 and 23 has both armies in a single picture for a change, page 25 Dark Angels in a full page picture, 26 the same for Chaos, page 32 and 33 has the Dark Angels models again (this time with a little fluff), page 34 and 35 is the same for the Chaos models, and then there comes four pages of an 'Eavy Metal showcase with the same paintjobs again... Finally there is an 26 pages long playthrough through all of Dark Vengeance missions, again played with the same Dark Vengeance models like before... I mean the models are breathtaking, but this is even sillier than the Storm of Magic Chimera that was featured in over 40 pictures in a single magazine.

The Verdict:
The blandness and uninspiring articles in White Dwarf continue.. oh isn't this the same sentence I started the last month's verdict with? The whole purpose of this month's issue is to shove Dark Vengeance down your throat, the rest of the magazine is pretty uninspired as usually. The article I enjoyed most was the Vampire Counts army, sadly it got so little space. If they would have cut down the lengthy Dark Vengeance coverage there would have been definately more room for the more interesting bits.

Also I was disappointed that there were no free models coming with this issue like with Assault on Black Reach back in the days (but after Island of Blood not really surprising). So, only a 3/10 from me. Please GW, give WD more staff capacities or a new editor, I really don't like where the magazine is heading.

So make sure you check out Tale of Painters!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Upcoming 40K Release Schedule Rumors

75Hastings69 is one of the best rumor sources on Warseer.  And here is his take on the upcoming release schedule.

-Tau are the first 40k release of next year (after the Deamons which release for both at the same time) and before Eldar.
-Dark Angels are, after CSM and before Chaos Daemons (Last codex of 2012)
-Should look something like... Sep CSM, Oct WoC, Nov DA, beginning Dec Hobbit, busy few months eh  and next year looks likely to continue the pace.
-I believe CSM will be in the WD after the starter box issue and release end sep/begin oct. then same pattern for WoC, DA & Hobbit. Does seem a lot to cram in before the end of the year but I'm reliably informed this is what's happening........of course I could be wrong.
-For clarity running order for 40k & wfb =
40k starter
Chaos Space Marines
Warriors of Chaos
Dark Angels
Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos
High Elves
Lizard Men
-That little lot should take us to around this time next year or a couple of months after (plus waves of models in between the codex/army book releases.... oh and the hobbit stuff).

So there you go.  I can't wait for new Dark Angels!


The Lord Inquisitor Releases New Video

The Lord Inquisitor is rolling along and they have released a new "Making of" video.  If you haven't seen what Erasmus and his boys have done, well it is VERY impressive.  Check it out:

And if you missed Part I:

So check it out and support these guys! 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Forge World New Releases - Deimos Pattern Predator

Forgeworld continues its releases of Space Marine "pre-Heresy" tanks with teh Deimos pattern Predator.  I don't personally love these, and would rather buy more old-school Land Raiders, but they do add flavor to your army, especially if you are going to build a Horus Heresy army!

From Forgeworld:

The Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus is an ancient pattern of Predator believed to date back to the hallowed days of the Great Crusade, which has now largely been replaced by the Land Raider Redeemer in many Chapters. The Crimson Fists, Fire Lords and Subjugators, among others, still value its close-range firepower when combating such xenos hordes as Orks, and in particular it is seeing resurgence amongst those Chapters confronting the Tyranid menace.

Certain ancient data sources speculate that the Predator Infernus was an attempt to replicate the Baal Predator STC, stubbornly held by the honoured Blood Angels and their successors, and the same conjectural sources imply the superiority of this latter design in terms of speed, armour and armament. The Machine Cult of Mars’ gall at the Blood Angels’ refusal to release this precious relic is widely known, and so the Infernus boasts a fearsome armament in the form of a turret-mounted Flamestorm cannon, often replaced with the anti-armour potency of a Magna-melta, a devastating weapon originally intended for void-war boarding actions. Regardless of turret loadout, the Infernus is usually additionally equipped with sponson-mounted heavy bolters or heavy flamers.

The Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus, designed by Will Hayes, is a detailed resin and plastic complete kit that contains two different turret weapon options, a Magna-Melta and a Flamestorm Cannon, and two different sets of sponson weapons, Heavy Flamers or Heavy Bolters. Experimental rules for this powerful vehicle can be downloaded here, and it is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 31st August.

So make sure you start preparing for your Horus Heresy Army.  More on that later today...


Friday, August 24, 2012

Dark Vengence on Pre-Order!

Games Workshop has its new 6th Edition boxed set up for pre-order.  Details follow:

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance - Limited Edition

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance is one of the most incredible box sets that Games Workshop has ever produced. As soon as you lift up its blood-splattered lid, you'll be faced with two astonishingly detailed armies - Dark Angels and the Chaos Space Marines of the Crimson Slaughter - and everything you need to field your own Warhammer 40,000 force.

Dark Vengeance contains 49 miniatures, all of which are snap-fit plastic models - this means that glue is optional. However, this beautiful limited edition includes an exclusive Dark Angels model, Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus. This box is available in strictly limited numbers and only Available While Stocks Last. There will never be another version like this. Make sure you do not miss out on this incredible opportunity - and order today.

Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus comes with a staggering array of features from the Crux Terminatus detailing and his censer, to the smoke unfurling from the ornamentation at the top of his backpack. Standing on a sculpted base, he wears studded robes and embossed text on the inside of his cloak, as well as an enormous Dark Angels emblem on the back. In addition to this he carries a Crozius Arcanum, plasma pistol, and frag and krak grenades.

Alongside Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, this box contains enough miniatures to start a Dark Angels army, including: a Company Master armed with bolt pistol, power sword and combi-weapon; Librarian Turmiel, who carries a bolt pistol and force sword; Veteran Sergeant Raphael and his Tactical Squad; Deathwing Terminator Squad Barachiel; Sergeant Arion and a Ravenwing Bike Squadron that comes equipped with twin-linked boltguns. All are resplendent in the iconography of the Dark Angels. From the finely crafted purity seals to studded power fists, to the Librarian with codex, keys and ornate sword, through to the Bikes with angel-wing panels, they are among the most sublime Space Marines ever sculpted.

Ranged against the Dark Angels is the Crimson Slaughter. These Chaos Space Marine models contain attributes that will leave you slack-jawed in awe. Warp distress shows through on every detail of armour on the models. Horrific maws can be seen on swords, armour and guns. Faces emerge from flesh, as bones jut outward. Dozens of miniature eyes of Chaos peer outwards; jagged or ribbed horns curl in all manner of directions. There are macabre brain-like surfaces, grills, chains and skulls, and even more textures. The full Crimson Slaughter line-up includes: Kranon the Relentless, Chaos Lord - armed with power sword and plasma pistol; Mortis Metalikus: Helbrute - armed with multi-melta and power fist; and Draznicht's Ravagers: Chosen. They stand alongside Chaos Cultists made up of Sect Anarkus, which carries close combat weapons, and Sect Tetchvar, which carries ranged weapons such as autoguns. Both units are garbed in sinister-looking cloaks, masks and hoods.

As if these models weren't enough, Dark Vengeance comes with a full-colour 168-page mini Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook; a complete Assembly Guide; a quick-play reference guide; an army roster sheet; dice, templates and a how-to-play booklet including six scenarios to enact on the tabletop. The limited edition includes a full-colour double-sided reference sheet and assembly guide for Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus.

Dark Vengeance is, quite simply, astonishing value for money. Whether you want to start a Dark Angels or Chaos Space Marines army, wish to add to your existing collection of models, or simply gape at beautiful miniatures, then this is an essential purchase.

You can find this on the GW website here.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

40K September Release Schedule

The September new release schedule has been leaked and it is very interesting.  Lots of Finecast and most notably, upgrade and weapon packs that should really help gamers with the customization of their models.  Sterguard weapons are finally here, meaning it will be easier to make those nasty 10 combi-melta squads!

September Releases:

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) - Special Edition 1-Sep-12 $107.00
Dark Vengeance: The Novel (Nth America) 1-Sep-12 $19.99
The Acsension of Balthazar (Nth America) 1-Sep-12 $21.99
Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) 8-Sep-12 $99.00

Product Name Release Date USD

Dark Vengeance Figure Case 1-Sep-12 $66.00
150mm x 100mm Square Base 1-Sep-12 $4.95
Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Weapons 15-Sep-12 $13.50
Eldar Wraithguard 15-Sep-12 $59.00
(Box of 5)
Eldar Storm Guardians Upgrade Pack 15-Sep-12 $18.00
Eldar Shining Spear Upgrade Pack 15-Sep-12 $16.50
Prince Yriel 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Eldar Farseer with Singing Spear 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra 15-Sep-12 $22.25
Phoenix Lord Karandras 15-Sep-12 $22.25
Eldar Shrieker Jetbike Upgrade Pack 15-Sep-12 $8.25
Eldar Autarch with Fusion Gun 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Phoenix Lord Asurmen 15-Sep-12 $22.25
The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host 15-Sep-12 $22.25
Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Mephiston, Lord of Death 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Chapter Master Gabriel Seth 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Brother Corbulo 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Blood Angels Shoulder Pads 15-Sep-12 $10.00
Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads 15-Sep-12 $10.00
Captain Tycho 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran 15-Sep-12 $19.25
Meltaguns 15-Sep-12 $10.00
Chaplain Grimaldus & Retinue 15-Sep-12 $45.00
Plasma Guns 15-Sep-12 $10.00
Lightning Claws 15-Sep-12 $19.75
Armour Through the Ages 15-Sep-12 $33.00
Ragnar Blackmane's Shoulder Pads 15-Sep-12 $10.00
Thunder Hammers 15-Sep-12 $19.75 

More weapon packs and cheaper Wraithguard, which are now 30% cheaper.  Thanks to Eldargal from Bell of Lost Souls.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some New and Interesting Projects

Howdy, readers. I figured I'd take a moment to cover a few great projects I've come across. First up is the KICKSTARTER for Wreck Age by Hyacinth Games. It's a cool new RPG/Skirmish game that's got a Fallout/RAGE post-apocalyptic feel. As I cannot truly convey the need blends of game types and genres that come together in this upcoming symphony of fun, be sure to give them a gander, yourself. :)

Another new project worth having a peek at is the new not-Rhino model that BitsPudlo has just finished. You can find it in their store, here. They already have some great bits to convert it to a Razorback and future plans to support the model with new half-track options. It's a pretty great alternative to every one's favorite workhorse.

And finally, DreamForge-Games, who make some pretty good resin models, are also doing a KICKSTARTER to make their popular Leviathan Crusader model in plastic. It's a popular kit because many folks use it as a Knight Titan or even a Warhound. So go ahead and check it out. Reap the rewards of investment!

Son of Dorn

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forgeworld Horus Heresy Trailer Released

Well, now Frogeworld has put us on notice that Book I of The Horus Heresy will be titled "Betrayal" and available at GamesDay UK.  The Trailer is better than most from GW. 

I for one can't wait. This is just what we need to spice up some Big Apocalypse Games!   Though my bank account will not be happy I am sure.


Monday, August 20, 2012

6th Edition Start Set Details & Prices!

There are two versions, and the first includes a Dark Angel limited edition Chaplain model.

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) - Special Edition 49 Fig Box, Rulepack, Dice, Measures, Templates 1-Sep-12 $107.00 USD $128.00 CAD

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) 48 Fig Box, Rulepack, Dice, Measures, Templates 8-Sep-12 $99.00 USD $119.00 CAD

Well, there you go!


Chaos Space Marine Video Trailer

Games Workshop released a video on Chaos Space Marines. And it confirms the August 25th release date. 

As always, the trailer is a waste of time.  Can't Games Workshop get one guy who can do something interesting with video?  A trailer should excite people.  



Sunday, August 19, 2012

6th Edition Starter Set Release Date?

It must be OK because he took the picture before signing the agreement

Well, I suppose this is about as definitive as it'll get for now. Enjoy :)

Son of Dorn

First picture courtesy of /tg/ second, my own submission from an anonymous source. ;)

More Starter Set Pictures: Including Hell Brute!

The Forces of Chaos, including Hell Brute!

Well, when it rains, it pours. More pictures have just surfaced from the upcoming White Dwarf. These models are definitely a huge improvement over past starter sets. I'm gonna need at least 2, myself. Have a look and enjoy.

What looks to be all 20 Chaos Cultists. Plenty of variety here.

And finally, the new Dark Angels

Deathwing and Ravenwing
Box and contents
And some new Finecast is on the way as well

Son of Dorn

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leaked Dark Vengence Images?

New Chaos Lord

These images appear to be leaked from the new White Dwarf. They're courtesy of an anonymous source, but if they're legitimate, we're in for a freakin amazing new starter box. The quality of these appears to be a drastic improvement over the Assault on Black Reach set. Dark Vengeance is coming!

Chosen with Power Maul

Chosen with Lightning Claws

Dark Angels Company Master with Power Sword

Dark Angels Librarian

Chaos Cultist

Enjoy!  We aren't too far from the Starter Set launch!

Son of Dorn

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are Dark Angels Coming on August 25?

A tantalizing new trailer made a brief appearance in Games Workshop's YouTube channel last night. It was only available very briefly before it was locked down, but it's contents were seen by several people. What it contained was approximately 38 seconds of Dark Angels artwork, followed by the date you see above. And while the video is set to private now, some screen caps were still taken in the brief time it was active.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great FAQ Challenge

Hello, Apocalypse 40k readers, Son of Dorn, here. I've come to you today with an exciting proposal. We know that new FAQ's for 6th edition are on their way to us, so why not lend Games Workshop a helping hand? I'd like to use the comments section of this article to collect questions that you have about 6th edition. These can be ANYTHING you're confused about: clarifications, requests for more examples, codex questions, allies questions, anything that's on your mind!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chaos Rumors Part II

Well, TastyTaste over at The Blood of Kittens remains the king of rumors and his latest batch of Chaos rumors have the intertubes buzzing. 

The first set of Chaos rumors are here.

First off, I want to say that it just doesn’t make any sense for GW to release the new Starter Set with models that doesn’t have a codex, so we have to assume that CSM codex will be out before the starter set. The only way they don’t  (would be a big slap in the face) would be they add a mini update like Daemons and still put off the CSM codex release.
Anyway on to more rumors/leaks.

Remember I might just repeat other rumors floating around and debunk others.

 –Special Characters–

Ahriman: Mastery Level 4, Same Stats as before, Access to Biomancy, Pryomancy, Telepathy, and Tzeentch. He is the master of witch ire spells, he can cast three spells that are witchfire in the same phase. He can also give up to three units infiltrate ability.
Huron: Same Stats as before, Mastery Level 1, Spells are randomly determined at the start of each turn.

Typhus: Same Stats as before, Mastery Level 2 can only take Nurgle powers, Destroyer Hive has been changed to be a Nurgle Holocaust Str4 AP2 ignores cover. Has Fear
Kharn: Same Stats as before, Him and his Unit get 2+ to deny witch and is completely immune to force weapons. Still attacks random people, but now a sneaky way around it. Always hits on 2+ in Assualt. Best part is he has Hatred that he can give to the rest of his unit.

Fabius Bile: Same Stats as before. Enhanced Warriors can only ever kill one model gives them Str and Fearless.

Lucius: Same Stats as before. His attacks are the same number as your opponent WS (Avatar vs Lucius fun times). Re-rolls all Wounds, Armor saves made by Lucius inflict str 4 ap2 hits back.


Dragon: 170pts AV 12/12/10 Can Vector Strike as a MC, Has Str 8 Heavy 4 guns

Shooty Demon Engine: 120pts AV 12/12/10 Two Str 8 Heavy 4 guns

Assault Demon Engine: 135pts AV 12/12/10, Immune to Cover, 12″ Move, Two Str 8 AP1 Melta Weapons, plus PowerFists

Hellbrute New CSM Dreadnaught: 105pts Crazed, BIG CHANGE no more DCW now just power fist will strike at I1

Chaos Land Raider: 220pts Only Godhammer variant, only holds 10 guys, still can get dozerblades

Upgrades: Mini Deff Roller Str 5 Ap – hits and double for failed death and glory, Chaos Lash whips but reduce attacks to 1

–Unique Items–

Demon Weapons: All Demon Weapons on a roll of 1 will attack user, but no longer will you lose the rest of your attacks.

Unique Chaos Power Axe: +2 str Ap2, Blinds Opponents, Gives Rage, Demon Weapon.

Unique Chaos Power Maul: AP4, Fleshbane, Demon Weapon, Any unsaved wounds 
causes instant death after toughness test is failed, in addition at the end of the assault phase any model with in 3″ must make another toughness test or take an AP1 wound.

Unique Chaos Power Sword: Ap3 Marked for Death, select any character get str x2 AP1 instant death when engaged with that character

Unique Chaos Flamer: Str 5 Ap3 Torrent, Soulblaze

Unique Icon: Once you kill a model the Icon unlocks and any model enemy model within 12″ must take Difficult and Dangerous Terrain tests and all friendly deep strikers don’t scatter.

Unique Spell Book: Gain Random powers every turn can possible hurt you as well.


Attack Familiar: Two additional familiar attacks

Magic Familiar: Grants Random Spells

Chaos Iron Halo: 4+ invul can stack with MoT so that means 3+ invul

Flails: AP 2 Str 8 reduce WS of targets


Chosen: 19pts each, Infiltrate gone

Terminators: 31pts each, Upgrades got very cheap FULLY kitted 10 man unit is about 400 pts with more versatility than another other Terminator unit in the game.  Still has Combi-Spam.

Zerkers: 19pts each, Chainaxe Str 4 Ap 4

1k Sons: 23pts each, Champion Mastery Level 1

Plague Marines: 24pts each, Same as before now have Poison Assault Weapon

Noise Marines: 16pts each, Must still buy Sonic Weapons. Sonic Blaster 24″ inch Str 4 Ap5 Salvo, Ignores Cover, Blastmaster 25 pts assault 2 or heavy 1 blast same as before now with ignores cover, Doom Siren Same as before.

Assault Oblits: Elite Slot Weapons act like Ymgarl Genestealers powers

Possessed: Random Chart is now D3 acts like Ymgarl Genestealers powers, but determine at the beginning of the turn.

Havocs: 13pts each, 5-15pt drop for all special weapons from past edition, can buy Flak missiles

–Psychic Powers–

Tzeentch: 4 powers only. Prime Power Random Str blast that keeps on exploding random hits for every dead model, 1-2 Roll on Big Chart re-roll spawn result, 3-4 Bolt of Tzeentch but how is a Beam, 5-6 Breath of Chaos

Ok that is all I got guys every last drop of rumor juice is gone! Enjoy, oh wait what is this at the bottom of my cup…

There is also a rumor circulating that Chaos Marines are coming end of the month.  Hold tight!


Friday, August 10, 2012

GW 2013 Release Plan Hits the Net

Vivin on Warseer dug up this on, a Lord of the Rings forum.  It is the 2013 Games Workshop release schedule. Johnmclane then purged the hobbit stuff so we have just a 40K release schedule.  And there are some impressive things here.  The full list can be found here.

Games Workshop release plan*

281041230110209 Imperial Agents Enforcer with Heavy Stubber RE
284054630110202 Kroot Kroothawks RE
286010311080200 Cult Hybrid Upgrade Pack PL
286011130110208 Patriarch Dumas, The Veiled Fiend RE
280002330140207 Sisters of Battle Canoness with Power Axe RE
280000211440200 Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad PL
280000111440201 Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters PL
280000411840206 Sisters of Battle Exorcist / Catafalque of Sins PL

281047530110208 Imperial Agents Obsideo Assassin RE
281049111440209 Imperial Agents Deathwatch Kill Team PL
281049230140202 Imperial Agents Deathwatch Librarian RE
280002430140206 Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata RE
280002230140208 Sisters of Battle Sister Superior Magdalenia RE
280000330740205 Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad RE

288023030140207 Harlequin Solitaire RE
283041230710209 Cabal Tarellian Cotor with Dragontongue RE
283041530110204 Cabal Alpha Psyker RE
282021211440203 Mechanicus Battle-Servitors / Khorne Caedes Engines PL
287018930140205 Freebooters Ogreen Kaptain RE
285000030110204 Cypher RE

256145512010301 Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform PL
256146011840307 Tau Empire Mako PL
256145730740301 Commander Farsight RE
256146211440307 Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings PL

208263530941100 The Avatar of Khaine RE
208284511450206 Eldar Wraithguard / Cataphracts PL
208284711550201 Eldar Sky Chariots / Shining Spears PL
208285011450208 Eldar Warpspiders / Everguard PL a14
208285230150200 Eldar Black Warden RE
208297830180402 Phoenix Lord Kyme'doc, The Planetwister RE

208281811450202 Eldar Eldritch Raiders PL
208282112050207 Eldar Webway Gate PL
208283411250206 Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart / Alean Vyper PL
208283512050200 Eldar Spirit Warrior PL
208283911550202 Eldar Dragon Riders PL

208286130150208 Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch RE
208286230150207 Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch RE
208286330150206 Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch RE
208286430150205 Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch RE
208286530150204 The Avatar of the Young King RE

206304711540308 Chaos Bike Squadron PL
206305211440303 Chaos Noise Marines PL
206304811440300 Chaos Thousand Sons PL
999030530110288 White Dwarf 5 RE

200462312010203 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Defence Wall PL
200462412010202 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Tower / Pillar of Heroes PL 02 cc
200462512340209 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Monastery PL

208281612050205 Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber PL
208283611550205 Eldar Jetbikes PL
208287930150207 Eldar Warlock with Force Staff RE
208288530950204 Eldar Swooping Hawks RE

200470512040203 Space Marine Land Avenger PL
200468512010203 Space Marine Praetor Warmachine PL
200465411540206 Space Marine Bike Squadron / Crusader Bike Squadron PL
200467830740205 Space Marine Skyshatter Cannon RE
200469630140209 Space Marine Terminator First Hand RE
200469230140203 Space Marine Librarian with Jump Pack RE

200462811440204 Space Marine Neophytes PL
200464511440201 Space Marine Techmarine with Artificer Squad PL
200468011440204 Space Marine Sword Brethren / Nightflame Veteran Squad PL
200472230140203 Space Marine Librarian Epistolary RE
200475630110203 Paladin Marshall Sieghelm RE

200470612040202 Space Marine Land Avenger Vulkan / Land Avenger Invictus PL
200470331080275 Space Marine Bionics Upgrade Pack RE
200470231080276 Space Marine Defender Upgrade Pack RE
200471330110208 Iron Father Maalthun RE
200471730110204 Chapter Master Tu’Shan RE
200480130110202 Severus Agemman, Regent of Ultramar RE
200480630110207 Helveticus the Ancient, Bearer of Honour RE

201278911240205 Ork Warbuggy / Deff Racer PL
201281911240205 Ork Wartrakk Skorcha / Flakk Trakk PL
201279011540202 Ork Deff Koptas PL
201286730140200 Wazzdakka Gutsmek RE

227162030941106 Dark Eldar Grotesque Squad RE

202321411411107 Imperial Guard Storm Troopers / Iron Cloak Veterans PL
202342311811101 Imperial Guard Hydra PL

271074511840390 Bloodthirster PL
271074611840399 Lord of Change PL
271074811440399 Chaos Daemons Warp Stalkers / Chaos Furies PL

201281712010205 Ork Flying Fortress / Rokk Launcha PL
201279412010205 Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta PL
201283811440204 Ork Flash Gitz / Tellyporta Nobz PL
201279911440206 Ork Meganobz / Painboy Cyborks PL
201285130140209 Ork Warphead RE

201283912010207 Ork Klan Fort PL
201284130740204 Ork Boar Squigs RE
201284430940212 Ork Squiggotaur RE

201283611540203 Ork Big Guns / Pulsa Launchas PL
201285230140208 Ork Painboy with Cleava Harness RE
201285630140204 Ork Grot Nurses RE
201286930140208 Gorbuzz ThreeEye RE
201287430140200 Gritlegg Maksmesh RE
201288330140208 Boss-Kommissa Grotzki RE

200461211440203 Space Marine Scouts with Astartes Grenade Launchers PL
200467911540205 Space Marine Gale Claw Supremacy Fighter PL
200465011440203 Space Marine Space Marine Tactical Squad PL
200465512010202 Space Marine Land Raider Medusa PL

271081411840399 Great Unclean One PL
271081511840398 Keeper of Secrets PL

Note: does not contain re-releases, non-miniature products or the miniature range with codes below 2xxx

Note: contains only boxes that are currently NOT in mass production, expect release beginning in june 2013 at the earliest, the bulk of the releases for the first movie are done by then  

Check out some of the interesting new kits coming our way.  More tomorrow...



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