Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warlord Arrives!

Well, after some trial sand tribulations, my Warlord Titan was delivered to me for a second time.  The first time the packing was not so good and the Titan was damaged.  I sent it back and this time it was AMAZINGLY well packed.  

Well, tomorrow is a big Apocalypse game vs the Eldar, so Aaron Lovejoy came up to get a coat of paint on the Warlord.  Here are a few quick photos.

Unpacked and set up at our office.  Everyone got a kick out of it.

The model needs some touching up.  There is a lot of resin and that means a lot of bubbles.

Aaron Lovejoy, hamming it up for the camera.

My other two Aaron Lovejoy painted Titans are a tad small....

More to come as we paint this beast.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Forgeworld Space Marine Storm Eagle is Legit and Premieres Sunday!

Well, it is confirmed, the Forgeworld Stormeagle Space Marine dropship is a go.  Forgeworld's newsletter today revealed the model.  And while the Forgeworld Open House is Sunday, I would be shocked if they pulled that cruel an April Fools joke.  Now THAT would piss people off.

No rules yet.  But the model will be available in limited numbers at Forgeworld's Open House Sunday.

From Forgeworld:

Space Marine Storm Eagle Assault Gunship

The legendary mobility of the Adeptus Astartes has won planet-spanning conflicts with a single strike; providing the precise application of deadly force at the point where it proved most decisive. A Chapter’s fleet of attack craft is the keystone that makes this possible, and it is the iconic Thunderhawks and Drop Pods that are at the forefront. Craft such as the Storm Eagle Assault Gunship follow close behind to lend their weapons to the devastating assault.

A formidable gunship, the Storm Eagle mounts fearsome firepower for a vehicle of its size and is capable of transporting twenty Space Marines directly into the thick of an assault. The exact provenance of the Storm Eagle is unknown, but it bears clear similarities to the Stormravens employed by the Blood Angels and Grey Knights. Certain sources place the principal manufacture of the Storm Eagle upon Tigrus and Anvilus IX, both primary-grade Forge Worlds that suffered catastrophic damage during the Horus Heresy.

In recent decades the number of Storm Eagles in active service has begun to increase, especially amongst those Chapters known to have favourable relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus. This has lead some observers to believe that production has been restored at an as yet unknown location.

Designed by Stuart Williamson, the Storm Eagle is a complete resin and plastic kit which is packed with some incredible design work, including a fully detailed interior. It will be available to purchase in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day on Sunday 1st April, in advance of its scheduled release date, for £80.


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Forgeworld New Releases - Model Masterclass V2 & More

Forgeworld is releasing new stuff so fast I can't keep up!  And the best part of this release is the follow up volume to Imperial Armour Model Masterclass.

Imperial Armour Masterclass

Available to purchase for the first time in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day, Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume 2 costs £26.

Whether you’re building and painting a centrepiece model for your army or a detailed diorama for display, Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume 2 is packed with innovative techniques to help you create stunning models.

Among others, you’ll find construction and painting articles on models such as the Imperial and Chaos Reaver Titans, the Great Brass Scorpion and the Crassus Armoured Assault Transport as well as in-depth construction guides focussed on our display tables such as ‘Encounter at the Balmaeus Ice Mines’, built alongside Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara (which you’ll be able to see in all its splendour at the Open Day).

The book also contains detailed galleries of some of our iconic models, including the Vulture Gunship and Keith Robertson’s fantastic Saim-Hann Phantom Titan bust.

This 144-page, full colour hardback book contains a plethora of informative articles, stage-by-stage guides, lavish galleries and inspirational models from the talented painters and modellers of our design studio, making this book a feast for the eye and the imagination as well as a practical resource as well.

It is the second Forge World book dedicated to the methods, materials and techniques required to achieve the highest possible results in terms of quality and realism when building and painting Warhammer 40,000 models.

Deimos Predator Executioner

The Predator is a highly effective medium tank designed to provide Space Marine detachments with heavy fire support in the heat of battle. An ancient and revered design, cited by the Codex Astartes as a spiritual mentor, no less, there are almost as many patterns of Predator as there are of the ubiquitous Rhino hull it is based upon. One such variant is the Deimos Pattern, manufactured in the vast forges that occupy the moons of Mars.

The obscure Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner is significantly rarer than the Annihilator and Destructor, for the Adeptus Mechanicus hoard their secrets jealously in the dark days of the 41st Millennium. Some even go so far as to whisper that it is a sinful pattern born of the tech-heresy of innovation, although it is known to date from the shadowed days of the Scouring.

The potent firepower of a Plasma Executioner is the default armament of this war machine, bolstered by the usual Heavy Bolter or Lascannon sponsons. The main gun can be replaced with a Heavy Conversion Beamer, although the additional power drain of this arcane and ancient device precludes the addition of Lascannon sponsons. Such devices

Designed by Will Hayes, the Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner is a multi-part resin and plastic kit containing two turret weapon options and two sponson weapon options. It will be available to purchase in limited numbers at the Forge World Open Day on Sunday 1st April in advance of its scheduled release date, and will cost £46

Chaos Decimator Weapons

Inquisitorial  savants do not know for sure what unknown and malefic party are responsible for the sinful innovation of the Decimator Daemon Engine, which is capable of fielding a wide range of armament; arcane conversion-beam generators, great multi-barreled Stormlasers, the reality-altering heresy of warp-tainted Soulburners and great raking Siege Claws to name but a few.

Towering over even the mighty, and exceedingly rare, Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts of the Adeptus Astartes, the Decimator is believed to be an attempt to bolster the ranks of such ancient devices that still serve the Traitor Legions on the part of the shadowed, now near-mythical, Legio Cybernetica. If this is the truth, then the warriors of the Imperium may well yet tremble before the might of this colossus.

Two more detailed resin weapon options for this fearsome Daemon Engine will be on sale at the Forge World Open Day in limited numbers, well in advance of their scheduled release. The Decimator Soulburner and Decimator Heavy Conversion Beamer, designed by Daren Parrwood, are finely detailed resin weapons for the recently-released Decimator Daemon Engine, experimental rules for which can be downloaded from the Forge World website now.

Decimator Heavy Conversion Beamer

Decimator Soul Burner

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is the Forgeworld Stormeagle an April Fools Joke?

First, take a look here: Forgeworld Space Marine Stormeagle.
So is this real or is it a hoax?  The more people I talk to about this, the more people tell me they think it is a very good April Fools joke.  Now I don't know any time GW pulled an April Fools joke where they really were trying to pull the wool over hobbyists eyes.  

Sure, there was the super spray gun, but anyone who looked at that knew it was a joke.  GW April Fools jokes are like the April issue of Road & Track, which always has a funny road test of a Roller Coaster or the Space Shuttle.

But this time we see something that looks like it is real.  It clearly has us all fooled.  

Now take a close look.  Is there ANYTHING on this model that is not from the Stormraven or other Space Marine kit?  Well, while at first glance the missile launchers look like those of a Land Speeder Tornado, they aren't.  Those have 6 missiles, while the Stormeagle has 10.  Hmmmmm.  So maybe this is real.

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Space Marine Stormeagle flyer from Forgeworld!

Credit to Millest's Mediocre Ramblings for breaking this from Forgeworld.  Not sure how he found it, as it is not in the Newsletter or linked off the home page, but the Space Marines are going to get a new flyer as rumored.    

Find it on the Forgeworld site here.

The model retails at 80GBP, which is about $ 127.  And frankly, it looks pretty awesome.  And bigger than a Stormraven. It appears to use a Stormraven kit and, like the Chapterhouse model, extend it.  but obviously there is a lot different, despite looking similar to a Stormraven.

Now the question is when will it be released? It is not in today's newsletter and there is no way to order one.  And frankly, it is hidden on the FW site.  But, based on the way the Zone Mortalis was released, my bet is we get a full release tomorrow.

Stormraven, Stormeagle, Stormbird.....Can a Stormhawk be near?  ;-)


Chaos and Eldar rumors keep coming

 The Eldar Lynx from Forgeworld might be a glimpse of things to come for the Eldar

Well, there are new Eldar and Chaos rumors to report.  As always, Warseer is the place

Stickmonkey and Straightsilver are two of the best rumor sources on Warseer.  So they, along with Hastings 69 and Harry and the go to guys and what they post is always relevant.  Of course you still need to take this all with a grain of salt.

First, regarding a new Eldar tank:

From Stickmonkey:

Its a new design. It meshes with existing eldar design. More so once all the other designs are added... 

I'll say it this way, basically Eldar have a a rhino. It can be a predator, a razorback, or a vindicator, but it's still a rhino. Don't you think it would be nice if they had a landraider? Not saying they are getting anything here, mind you, but at some point to expand you need more than one chassis... 

From Straightsilver:

If I understand correctly, from what Stickmonkey has said and from what I have heard there will be a new type of larger Eldar vehicle coming, which will be a larger Grav Tank.

Think what a Land Raider is to a Rhino, so a larger Falcon / Wave Serpent, with more armament, heavier armour and possibly more transport capability.

It won't simply be a larger Falcon / Wave Serpent but will be a new design.

There will also be an Eldar flyer, and from a design point of view will be of a similar aesthetic to the new as yet unseen larger vehicle.

I hope that makes sense?

I know when I spoke to Jes at the launch of the Dark Eldar he explained that as plastic technology has advanced quite rapidly the sculptors are able to work from 2ups instead of 3ups, and this makes large, one piece plastic components easier to create.

One of the first examples of this was the Dark Eldar Razor Wing, which allowed for a compicated curved design to be made in one piece (the top hull).

Jes said it meant that large apocalypse kits would also be much easier, and as the Stompa and Baneblade had sold so well there plans to make another, and he wanted it to be an Eldar super heavy.

That could be the new vehicle Stickmonkey is talking about (so it got scaled down), or could be something brand new. 

OK, now onto Chaos rumors. 

From TheDarkGeneral

I haven't heard anything further on Legion specific rules. Daemons definitely aren't a focus, but daemonic possession is...might even be an HQ upgrade...

With 6th Edition changing the way deepstrike and reserves work, it'll be worth waiting on another Daemons codex.

I doubt Chosen will get access to Terminator Armor, with the return of Cult Terminators, and to keep different from regular Astartes. But I could be wrong on this.

Daemon Prince options are more similar to the Daemon Codex, even jokingly mentioning would it be cool if a daemon prince could carry a gun?

I believe there are two different types of Terminators.

A lil' additional note: another member asked if I could comment on Huron Blackheart and the Red Corsairs...

Well from what I've gathered from everything i'm being told (and again i'm sure some of it is incorrect) there's not a lot of focus or attention on newer Chaos Space Marine chapters. The focus is mostly on the original 9 Traitor Legions and some of their direct splits.

This doesn't mean that some of these Characters like Huron won't appear, I really don't know. It does seem however that GW main is letting Forge World handle more of the 'successor' chapters and Traitor Guard options.

I can see GQ main eventually making another Lost and the Damned style codex, but perhaps not for at least another year. They still have Daemons (both 40K & Fantasy) and Warriors of Chaos scheduled tentatively for sometime next year, might be a lot of extra Chaos going around that could flood the market and not sell as well. I'd like to think they would, but GW main often makes decisions that I say "huh???" to.

As always...apply liberally:


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought - The Games Best AA

So, if you pick up Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition, and you go to page 28, you find the humble Contemptor Mortis Pattern Dreadnought.  Kinda cool, two ranged weapons on an armour 13 Dreadnought.  

But take a closer look and you see an interesting rule:  Helical Targeting Array, which states that if the Contemptor does not move, it counts its weapons as having an AA mount that turn.

Holy Anti-Air Batman!  

OK, that rule just made the Mortis Contemptor the best AA in the game.  Think of it, put two twin linked lascannons on this baby, add a Cyclone Missile Launcher, and you get two twin linked BS 4 S9 shots, PLUS two S8 Krak missile shots!  All for 220 points.  And in that deal you get armour 13 up front.  

Now, almost all flyers in the game are armour  10 or 11 and a few are armour 12.  S9 AA is insane.  S8 is good.  This is going to rip up some flyers.

I don't know about you, but playing Apoc all the time as I do, my Marines are getting three of these babies!


GW Releases Paint Video Intro & Paint Guides

Games Workshop released a new video about the new Citadel Paint range.  It features long time GW employee Alan Merrett, who is the chief judge for the Golden Daemon UK competition and head of GW IP.  The video explains the paint range and how it works.

GW also launched a page with "Paint Guides" which shows you all the paints you need to accomplish certain results.  The is no discount for buying a "Guide" but you get to see the best paints to buy to get a specific result.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Win a Forgeworld exclusive Space Marine Boarding Marine!

Last year's Forgeworld Event Exclusive, the Space Marine Boarding Marine, goes for $ 40-50 on eBay.   And you can get one for free!  How?

Just follow our blog.  Over on the right column is a section that is titled "Followers".  Just click on "Join this site" and you will be added to our followers.

We will be giving out prizes every week.  This week it is a Forgeworld Boarding Marine.  We will pick one follower at random, and ship it to you free of charge. 

So sign up by Friday, April 6th and we will be picking a winner the next day

Yeah, that was easy.

Forgeworld New Releases - Tartaros Pattern Terminators!


Forgworld has finally released a set of pre-heresy Terminator armor.  And this is a timely release as pre-heresy games, tournaments, leagues and such are rising in popularity.  The ongoing Tempus Fugitives events are the most well known of these.   I also like that Forgeworld has told us that the Tartaros pattern succeeded the Indomitus pattern, which I would expect to see in the future. 

These come with Power Fists and Chain Fists and a Heavy Flamer.  And interestingly, they have Mark IV style helmets.  I am ordering a squad for delivery at Adepticon myself.

From Forgeworld:

Tactical Dreadnought Armour, or Terminator Armour as it is more usually known, is the most resilient form of personal protection available to the Adeptus Astartes. Originally developed during the closing years of the Great Crusade, and adapted from the heaviest of industrial gear, several types and patterns were developed concurrently.

Of these, the Indomitus pattern is perhaps the most widespread, due to its template being held on key Forge Worlds such as Mars, although Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour is also issued to the Veterans of a Chapter’s 1st Company. Perhaps the most advanced form of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, the Tartaros pattern shares many systems with the MkIV ‘Maximus’ pattern of power armour, and provides greater mobility for its wearer than the Indomitus pattern with no loss in durability or protection.

The Tartaros Pattern Terminators set, models designed by Will Hayes, is a full resin kit that comprises five Terminators, armed with power fists, a power sword, storm bolters, a heavy flamer and enough optional attachments to arm four Space Marines with chainfists.

Please note that these models are not compatible with our range of Terminator Shoulder Pads.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Black Library gives away Horus Heresy eBook - Sorta

The Black Library is giving away 1,000 words of their new eBook "The Crimson Fist".  OK, a bit of a gimmick.  But at least they are trying.  And I do so love the Horus Heresy books.  They are all a must read for me.  And this looks like it will be an interesting story. I have a growing love for yellow marines!  

The excerpt is from their new anthology "Shadows of Treachery".  We are now getting to the point, having now covered most of the major events leading up to the Battle for Terra, where the Black Library is filling in stories on all the legions, both loyaist and traitor.

Why this is smart on the part of Black Library?

1)  Black Library gets you used to eBooks, which they would rather sell than printing a book.

2)  They get you excited about this book.  They are only giving you 1,000 words.  Heck that is nothing.  "Get out and buy this." is what they are saying!

Shadows of Treachery will be released this October:  Here is what The Black Library says about that book:

The story

From the battlefields of Phall and Isstvan, to the haunted shadows of Terra itself – the greatest war in the history of mankind rages on. While the traitor Legions continue their campaign of terror across the galaxy, preparations are made for the defence of the Imperial Palace and the final, inevitable reckoning that must yet come between Horus and the Emperor...

About the book

This anthology spans the entire Horus Heresy, with short stories from Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill and Gav Thorpe, as well as two brand new novella-length tales. Learn the fate of Rogal Dorn’s fleet originally sent to Isstvan III in ‘The Crimson Fist’ by John French, and descend deeper into the darkness of the Night Lords Legion in ‘Prince of Crows’ by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

I am a huge fan of The Horus Heresy books and if you haven't read them, start with he first four, which will blow you away!


Chaos Flyer Rumors!

Well, Chaos rumors keep coming!  A lot has centered on Chaos flyers.  Harry on Warseer started it out and Straightsilver, one of the best rumor sources on Warseer chimed in.  Here is a compilation of his posts over the weekend.  As always, remember these are just rumors.

Well there will be something involving flyers for 6th Edition, and it will be a big deal apparently, but I don't think it will be this year (of course I could be wrong), possibly next Summer?

There apparently will be a new Marine Flyer, similar size but different load out to the Storm Raven.

Chaos should get a Locust equivalent, and if Tau do come out next year they should also get something.

...some of my info is a bit out of date, but the rumored changes regarding flyers is quite recent, I just don't want to go into too much detail as I'm not sure if they were supposed to say anything.

The Locust is a small, fast single seater Chaos Flyer which features heavily in the Sabbat World's Crusade, think of it like the Chaos equivalent of an Imperial Lightning.

The info about Tau I have is very old, so the flyer I thought they were getting is now very unlikely, but I would imagine it will be something similar. 

I do believe this has been in the pipeline for a while though, it can't be a coincidence that all of the recent Codices (except Space Wolves) have had a flyer of some sort in them.

IG: Valkyrie / Vendetta

Tyranids: Harpy
Dark Eldar; Razorwing / Void Raven
GK: Storm Raven
BA: Storm Raven
Necrons: Night Scythe

And there has to be a reason the Hydra has been held back, as it is one of the best things in the IG Codex (admittedly that doesn't mean much I know) and should be a simple kit to produce.

I also had it from a good source (not one of my usual sources, and not as directly involved, but a good source none the less) that there is a big change coming to the hobby regarding flyers.

I don't honestly know if that means rules in the core rule book, or a supplement, but they will apparently be getting a lot of attention.

For everyone hoping for a Thunderbolt, Barracuda, Remora etc though I think that's very doubtful as Forge World produce them and the guys I've spoken to at GW are quite adamant that it isn't in their interests to tread on their toes.

Therefore expect something similar design wise, but not the same. 

As always, take a generous dose of this:

Simple fact is that every race needs flyers moving forward.  We house rule that you can use Necron and Eldar skimmers as flyers in Apoc games, because it makes sense.  So bring em on!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Resin Roundup - This week's new releases

Well, another week of resin accessories and models from your favorite manufacturers.

Puppets War released two items.  The first is their Blessed Omniretinue.  It contains all 5 models for 17 Euro.

And these CyberArthropods.  Obviously Necron.  I love that Puppets War keeps coming out with units for new armies.   A set of 3 costs 17.50 Euro.

And Scibor put out this update to their SF Templar Paladin.  From Scibor on his Facebook page:

SF Templar Paladin - I decide add details to arms, legs and shoulderpads. I prepare also alternative robot/knight head.   All clients who bought old model will get new parts without additional costs.

Yeah, I think this is Sanguinius.  :-)

And Kromlech has new Feral Ork Heads!

You can find these on their eBay store.

Forgeworld 2012 Event Exclusive

Forgeworld has announced their 2012 event exclusive.  It is an Imperial Enforcer with Cyber-Mastif.  I am not sure what this guy is and what he does, but he is cool none the less.

This model is available for purchase at events that Forgeworld attends, most notably Adepticon next month.  Last year's model was the very much in-demand Space Marine Boarding Marine.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pre-Heresy Jet Bikes WIP from Machinator

Everyone knows Tom McBride, aka Machinator, is one of the kings of resin after-market parts for 40K.  His Fellbaldes are now legendary and becoming more common on the battlefield.

He is now working on a pre-heresy jet bike.  His won't be straight copies of the ones you may have seen from GW's maginificent book, Visions of Heresy, like Zealot Miniatures did, but they will retain the flavor.   Zealot Miniatures stopped making their jet bike, and though they claim they will be re-releasing them, we will have to wait and see. 

Here is the original image from Visions of Heresy:

And the Zealot miniature:

So here is where Tom is with his:

I for one am looking forward to Tom finishing these.  If you want to see Tom's other models available, go to his eBay store:

And you can follow his progress on the Apocalypse Forum.



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