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Forgeworld Releases Horus Heresy, Force Org.

Well, all of us who are dying to get our hands on The Horus Heresy book and models that were released at Games Day UK now have our chance.  At least a start.  Forge World has posted the book for sale on its website along with Angron.  The rest?  Well, looks like we have to wait.  

From Forge World:

Our production team are even now working hard to build more stock of all the kits we had available pre-release at Games Day UK, and we’ll be making these available through our online store in the next few weeks.

But, in today's Forge World Newsletter we also have a list of all the options a Space Marine player has to field. 

Building a Space Marine Legion
 The Legiones Astartes form the most powerful fighting force ever deployed by humanity. Gene-forged by the towering intellect of the Emperor of Mankind, each Space Marine is a near-unstoppable machine of war, armed and armoured with the finest examples of Imperial technology.

We’ve put together the following guide to the Forge World kits that will form the core of a Legion force using the army list in The Horus Heresy Book I: Betrayal. We’ve broken these down into their Force Organisation chart slots, and as we release more of our Horus Heresy range we’ll be adding to this list.

Legion Praetor/Legion Centurion: MkIV Command Set   


Legion Apothecarion Detachment: Apothecary Set
Legion Dreadnought Talon:
MkIV Dreadnought, MkIV Venerable Dreadnought
Legion Contemptor Talon:
Contemptor Dreadnought, Relic Contemptor Dreadnought
Legion Terminator Squad:
Tartaros Terminators, Terminator Weapon Set


Legion Tactical Squad:
MkII Crusade Armour, MkIII Iron Armour, MkIV Maximus Armour. Umbra, Phobos and Umbra Ferrox Bolter Sets
Legion Assault Squad:
MkII Assault Squad, MkIV Assault Squad
Deimos Pattern Rhino
Fast Attack

Legion Storm Eagle    

Heavy Support

Legion Land Raider Battle Squadron:
Land Raider Proteus, Land Raider Armoured Proteus, Land Raider Achilles
Legion Predator Strike Armour Squadron:
Deimos Predator, Predator Infernus, Predator Executioner
Legion Artillery Squadron:
Whirlwind Hyperios, Medusa, Basilisk
Caestus Assault Ram


About the book:

The Horus Heresy Book I: Betrayal is now available to order for immediate despatch. This book will be available exclusively from Forge World and the Warhammer World store.

This 290-page tome delves into the fratricidal conflict on Isstvan III that saw Warmaster Horus’s traitor Legions purge their own ranks of those legionaries that would remain loyal to Terra. It also contains a general overview of the Great Crusade, and a wealth of detail covering the foundation of the Space Marine Legions and the histories of four of these immense military forces.

Lavishly decorated, this book is leather-bound with inlaid metal detailing and foil-blocked page edging, and also features metal cleats to the corners of the book’s casing impressed with the Imperial Aquila.

Written by Alan Bligh, it is a stand-alone supplement for Warhammer 40,000 and contains a vast array of colour profiles, maps and artwork. Also included is a full Space Marine Legion army list and background, character profiles, special rules and pre-Heresy histories for the Death Guard, Sons of Horus, World Eaters and Emperor’s Children Legions.

The book also contains a wealth of game content including a full campaign system to play out the Betrayal at Isstvan in games of Warhammer 40,000, unique Warlord Traits for the Space Marine Legion army list, terrain charts for the corpse-choked ruins of Isstvan III and a full set of Horus Heresy-era Zone Mortalis rules.


The most bloody-handed and savage of the Emperor’s gene-forged sons is the Primarch Angron, whose legendary reputation in battle has earned him the title of The Undefeated amongst his brothers. Cast in his youth upon a world of brutal oppression, he was enslaved and surgically mutilated to become a gladiator in its games of death, eventually becoming the undefeated lord of the red sands, a killer without peer.

When he rebelled against his brutal overlords, the Emperor saved Angron from certain death alongside his loyal followers, an act Angron has never forgiven the Emperor for. It is little surprise then that when his brother Primarch Horus turned against the Emperor that Angron was quick to side with the traitorous Warmaster; his only true master though was ever his rage and bloodlust.

Angron comes as a complete resin kit, model designed by Simon Egan. This paragon of war is supplied on a 40mm base for gaming purposes, which slots into a 60mm scenic diorama base for display. We also decided that this very special model deserves appropriate packaging, and so Angron is supplied in a particularly handsome presentation box as well.  

So have at it folks!  I know I have been saving my Forge World order for 6 months and now I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to buy.  Thank God I just sold the two biggets pieces in my movie prop collection and have some cash!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Horus Heresy - Flugrim and Mortarion Rules

Max over at Darog's Company has been on fire as of late and posted this information on the rules for the two Primarchs Flugrim and Mortarion for the new Forge World Horus Heresy release.

Fulgrim the Illuminator - 380 points

WS 8
BS 6
S 6
T 6
W 6
I 8
A 5
Ld 10
Sv 2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Unit Character: 1 (Unique)
The Gilded Panoply
2+ Armour, 5+ Invun (this increases to 3+ in combat)
Should Fulgrim pass an Armour or Invun save on a 6, the unit that inflicted the wound must pass an initiative test or be Blinded

The Blade of the Laer

Str - As User
AP 2
Melee, Rending, Specialist Weapon, Two Handed

Fire Brand

Master Crafted Volkite Charger which also has Shred

Krak and Plasma Grenades

Special Rules:


Sire of the Emperor's Children

Fulgrim has Crusader, and must always issue and accept challenges if there is someone in combat with WS 5 or higher
Whilst Fulgrim is on the board, all units with Legiones Astartes (Emperor's Children) gain +2 to combat res, and reserve rolls may be re-rolled

Sublime Swordsman

His invun is increased to 3+
He gains more attacks equal to how much his Initiative is better than his opponents

Strategic Planning

A single Warlord Trait from any table may be CHOSEN for Fulgrim


Mortarion the Reaper - 425 points

WS 7
BS 5
S 6
T 7
W 7
I 5
A 5
Ld 10
Sv 2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Unit Character: 1 (Unique)
The Barberan Plate
2+ Armour Save, 4+ Invun


Str +1
AP 2
Melee, Instant Death, Sunder (may re-roll armour pen rolls), Unwieldy, Two Handed, Sweep Attack (may exchange all attacks to attack every model in base contact)

The Lantern

Str 8
AP 2
Assault 1, Sunder

Frag Grenades

Phospex Bombs (unlimited) - his have a range of 12"

Special Rules


Sire of the Death Guard

All Death Guard have Stubborn
All of their Frag Grenades, Frag Missiles, and Havoc Launchers have Poisoned (4+)

Shadow of the Reaper

Leadership against Fear tests caused by Mortarion suffer a -1
If he isn't in combat or a vehicle in the player's shooting phase, Mortarion may redeploy him (not deep strike) by passing a Ld test
Must be within 10" of starting position, may not finish within 3" of an enemy
May not be placed in a vehicle, building, or impassable terrain
If he was part of a unit he leaves it (obviously)
He may declare charges after performing this move, but it counts as disordered

Preternatural Resilience

Mortarion re-rolls failed Toughness tests and "It Will Not Die!" rolls
Automatically passes any dangerous terrain
Any weapon that wounds on a flat dice roll (for example poison) will only hurt Mortarion on a 6

Witch Spite

Deny the Witch on a 4+

Very Bulky

Well, I for one can't wait to field these guys in a game.  Bring on the loyalists!

Thanks again to Max! 



Angron Video from Forge World

With the release of Angron by Forge World for their Horus Heresy book, we have a whole new range of models to look forward to.

Here Simon Egan discusses the ideas behind designing Angron.

I won't be buying an Angron as I only play Loyalists. But I also hope I get a loyalist Primarch before I have to see him on the Battlefield!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Puppets War Releases Speeder and Upgrade

Puppets War has released a new speeder kit and an upgrade kit to convert the speeder into more of a Storm Talon.  A great idea and more great stuff from these guys.

Thunderbolt Light Speeder

Set contains one Thunderbolt model, 12 prepeared to magnetised weapons, 65mm round base and 16 magnets (3/1mm). Models are designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames scale (vehicle have 85mm length from front to tail), supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed by Puppetswar Art Team, sculpted by Hamster52.

Thunder Crow Upgrade Set

Set contains parts that can be use to convert "Thunderbolt"-Light Speeder into "Thunder Crow"-Light Fighter model including: canopy, 2 viewers 4 fuselage mounted prepared to be magnetised weapons, 2 wing mounted gatlings, 2 variants of lunhers, oval base (120mm x 95mm), 6 magnets (3/1mm) and stick allows to mount model on height of 140 mm in many angles. "Thunderbolt"-Light Speeder is base for this set and available seperately. Designed by Puppetswar Art Team, sculpted by Hamster52.

New Dark Angels Rumors

This is a compilation of rumors from Stickmonkey on Warseer:

Right now info I have is we will see DA in November, and we can play with them before Christmas.

From the rules rumor dept I have a few bits, please bear in mind these are only rumors:


Belial - not needed for deathwing
Sammael - not needed for ravenwing
Barakiel - named Techmarine/master of the forge! Note: barakiel is known as Angel of Lightning in references
Sabrael - guardian of the inner circle, gives bonus to inner circle unit
Company Master TA option
Interrogator chaplain
Command squad ( option to take TA or bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, and apothecary, standard bearer, 1 heavy weapon)


Chaplains (x3 can function independently like sanguinary priests in BA, or form a unit w special rules). Only characters if independent.
Inner circle unit ( name is not known) tasked with hunting down one enemy unit, special rules for doing so. Can death wing assault, can assault on deep strike. But glass cannon, great in assault, but standard PA so will be easily shot up.
Brother-interrogators - this unit wears chaplain style death masks, but are not chaplains, they are a specialist unit adept at near range combat, standard armament is dual bolt pistols and power maul. Can upgrade pistols.


Tactical squad
Ravenwing Bike squad not sure how it differs from ravenwing assault squad.


Ravenwing assault squad
Ravenwing support squad
Assault marines
Ravenclaw air superiority fighter


Whirlwind w flakk options
Land raider
Devastator w flakk options

Rumor is there is something else for the heavy slot too, but no info specific to it.


Siege cannon ( this is supposedly the Techmarine cannon described earlier)
Battle bunker

That's enough to chew on for now....might be a few more surprises...and this is still just RUMOR folks...names and all.

Land speeder storm was also in the FA slot, according to sources.

No mention of excessive plasma-ness in this round.

Phil did say that. However, there has also been much debate over getting appropriate xenos fortifications into the mix. They have eldar, ork and tyranid terrain just waiting to be produced that I know of. Maybe next summer will be summer of fortifications. :P

Standard Dedicated Transports are there, Rhino, razorback, and Drop Pods. I have conflicting rumors the Land Raider is in as a Dedicated Transport for Terminators.

Also in discussions at Games Day, the StormTalon is to remain a Codex Space Marines only vehicle.

Mixed terminator squads: Earlier rumor was mixed squad remained, however, cyclones could only be taken on SB marines. I haven't heard any more on this, that was a while ago, it really could go either way. I wouldn't build any more or tear apart those you have just yet.

the company master for DA in TA will be a single plastic character blister. It will include some options for loadout but not all, but will be blinged out like the DV termies.

the new landspeeder
Its bigger than the StormTalon, but the fuselage has a landspeeder style to it. I took it to mean squarish. The wings are supposedly fanned forward like an Aquila. And others have mentioned it would not take much to make this look like the chapter symbol, but I haven't heard anything on this.

The single character sprues have plenty of space on them for options. Look at what is packed onto a character finecast sprue. You have Arjak in a smaller finecast sprue and he's in TA, then you have Draigo with head swaps. I don't find it at all implausible they could have 2-3 weapons, perhaps a sword, a storm bolter or a combi weapon all on the sprue. Also, IIRC there was a single sprue terminator released with WD with the starter release for 5th. Granted, it was just a starter terminator, but it certainly fits in the character sprue sized thoughts.

From what I have heard there is a death wing upgrade character, a tactical upgrade character, a ravenwing upgrade character, and a scout upgrade character, namaan being one of these.  

Well, that is it for now.  Thanks to Stickmonkey, who remains one of the best rumor sources out there.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Horus Heresy Legion Rules

Thanks to Max from Darog's Company, who has been breaking a lot of stuff lately.  And he is in RUSSIA!!!!

This is all from someone with the Horus Heresy book from Forge World.

Legiones Astartes

- units with this rule may ALWAYS attempt to regroup
- (legion specific rules go here too basically)


- can attempts repairs on vehicles on 5+ with usual restrictions (can be enhanced with servo-arms)

Master of the Legion

- only one per 1000 point
- can take a command squad as part of the same selection on the FOC
- if a unit is the warlord, they gain master of the legion
- can roll twice on one warlord trait chart (rerolling doubles) and select which one to use
- have the option of using one of the Rites of War (recommended for experienced players though)

Rites of War

- alter some options and limiting others
- only affect Primary Detachment
- Allies can have rites of war too but do so independently of primary detachment (same/different/none)
- eg, orbital assault: units that can take rhinos can instead take drop pods as dedicated transports, Dreadnoughts can take dedicated drop pods, Contemptors can take dreadclaw drop pods, terminator armoured units may deepstrike, may not take ANY units that can't gain access to drop pods or deep strike rule, no fortifications

There is a Legion Specific Warlord Trait table but you can of course use the main rulebook ones.

1. Warlord and all Legiones Astartes cause Fear
2. After both forces are deployed but before turn order is decided, may redeploy one unit. Included option to put a unit into reserve or take one out
3. D3 units in primary force may have shred rules added to any blast or template weapons they use
4. Warlord is fearless, plus warlord and any unit of Legiones Astartes within 6" add +1 to wound score when calculating if they win combat in an assault
5. Warlord gains Adamantium Will and one nominated infantry unit gains Deep Strike
6. Warlord and any Legiones Astartes they join may reroll failed rolls of 1 to wound, close combat only

One of the HQ options, called a Legion Centurion, can be upgraded to a specific role for additional points such as chaplain for 35 points to gain Crozius Arcanum wargear and zealot special rule. There are plenty of options here though, like Primus Medicae. Lots of wargear upgrade options. Some roles will limit which wargear can be taken while others give more options, like Forge Lord may also take any techmarine options for the same cost.
Above a Centurion is a Praetor. Again, lots of wargear options. Role changing unique to Centurion though.

Chaos Rules Hit the Web

Well, the new Chaos Codex is coming and photos of the rules are now out and showing that Games Workshop has listened and the vanilla feel of the last Codex is gone.  There are a ton of rules and 6th edition is showing that Games Workshop doesn't think a simpler game is better.  Thanks to Blood of Kittens for the photos and Dakka Dakka for the summary.

Chaos Boon Table 

D66 pick 2d6, one is your tens and the other is your ones.  You have to win a challenge to roll on this table

11-16 - Nothing
21-22 - Replace model with Chaos Spawn
23 - +1 Attack
24 - Eternal Warrior
25 - +1 Strength
26 - +1 BS
31 - +1 Initiative
32 - Return to full wounds, if unwounded gain +1 Wound
33 - +1 Toughness
34 - Shrouded
35 - Armour Save improves by 1
36 - Melee weapon has Fleshbane
41 - Passing a Deny the Witch roll makes enemy Psyker take a Str 6 AP 2 hit
42 - Re-roll failed armour saves
43 - Melee attacks are Poisoned
44 - Crusader
45 - Hammer of Wrath
46 - Icy Aura (enemy models in base contact take a Str 4 AP 5 hit at Initiative Step 1)
51 - Adamantium Will
52 - A ranged weapon has +1 Strength
53 - Hatred (Everything!)
54 - Shred
55 - Melee attacks have instant death
56 - +1 WS
61 - Stubborn
62 - Fleet
63 - Feel No Pain
64 - Roll another d3+1 on this table (re-rolling Spawnhood and Apotheosis)
65-66 - Replace model with Daemon Prince

Warlord Traits

1 - Friendly units within 12" of Warlord have Preferred Enemy (Space Marines)
2 - Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his unit have Soulblaze
3 - D3 infantry units may infiltrate (could this be new Creed???)
4 - Warlord and unit have hatred (everything!)
5 - Warlord causes Fear
6 - Warlord may re-roll Chaos Boons 


Thanks to Bramgaunt from Dakka Dakka for this:

So, I took my time to read those 'scanned' pages from the new dex that are featured in White Dwarf and translated the Psychic powers. Yes, it's actually possible to read those scanned pages. They also have the Profiles and Weapon stats sheets scanned.

So. Here are Pschic Powers and some special rules. (Note that I translate them myself, so names may differ in the actual Codex...)

Improvised Armor: 6+ Save
Powerarmor: 3+ Save
Terminator Armor: Same as loyalist
Fleshmetal: 2+ Armor


Chaos Bike: SM Bike
Infernal Ammunition: AP3
Mechadrites: +2 A, includes 1 Meltagun and 1 Flamer
Plague Grenades: Mark of Nurgle only - Model carries Offensive and Defensive grenades
Seal of Corruption: 4+ Invulnerable Save

Gifts of Chaos
Aura of Dark Glory: 5+ Invulnerable Save
Gift of Mutation: Ahead of Deployment, roll once on the "Rewards of Chaos" table
Battle-familiar: Model gains 2 additional S4 AP- attacks
Wizard's familiar: Model may reroll failed Psychic tests
Warpblood: Everyime a model with Warpblood suffers an unsaved wound, the unit that caused this wound suffers 1 S3 AP4 hit. (it appears this is not limited to close combat)

Palanquin of Nurgle: Model gains +2 Wounds and +1 Attack and gets the Very bulky special rule
Bloodcrusher of Khorne: Model gains +1 Toughness, +1 Attack and +1 Wound and changes it's unit type to cavallery
Steed of Slaanesh: Model changes it's unit type to cavallery. It runs +3 inces. Gains accurate senses and Outflank special rule and is granted +1 attack
Disk of Tzeentch: Model changes it's unit type to Jetbike and gains +1 Attack

Icons of Chaos
All Icons grant +1 on Combat Resolution
Icon of Revenge: Unit is Fearless
Icon of Flames: Mark of Tzeentch Only: Boltguns, Heavy Boltguns and Bolt Pistols have the Soul Blaze Special Rule
Icon of Rage: Furious Charge, Unit may reroll Charge Distance
Icon of Despair: Mark of Nurgle only: Unit causes Fear
Icon of Ecess: Mark of Slaanesh Only: Unit gains Feel no Pain

Marks of Chaos
Mark of Khorne: Berserker, Counter-attack
Mark of Nurgle: +1 Toughness
Mark of Tzeentch: Invulnerable Saves improved by 1
Mark of Slaanesh: +1 Initiative.

Mark of Nurgle, Mark of Tzeentch, Mark of Slaanesh: If they are given to a psyker, he must chose at least 1 psychic power of the appendant dicipline.

Demonprince Upgrades
Demon of Khorne: Hatred (Demons of Slaanesh), Furious Charge
Demon of Slaanesh: Hatred (Demons of Khorne), Rending, Fleet of Foot, runs +3 inches
Demon of Nurgle: Hatred (Demons of Tzeentch), Slow and Purposefull, Shrouded
Demon of Tzeentch: Hatred (Demons of Nurgle), May Reroll all saves of 1

Psyker: May chose psyonic powers from pyromancy, biomancy or telepathy. If he's a demon of Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch he must chose at least 1 psycic power from the appendant dicipline.

Vehicle Upgrades: 

Destroyer-Blades: Causes D6 S5 AP - hits while performing a Tank shock. If a Unit choses Death or Glory it suffers 2D6 hits instead
Warpflames: All ranged weapons have the Soul Blaze special rule
Whipping Tentacles: Every model suffers -1 attack for each whipping tentacle it has base contact to. (very strange wording here...)
Twin linked Boltgun: Duh.
Siege shield: Vehicle automatically passes dangerous terrain tests
Demon Engine: BS 3. Ignores Crew stunned and Crew shaken on rolls of 2+. When a unit embarks, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 you remove 1 random model as a casulty, and the vehicle regains 1 Hullpoint.
Magma-cutters. If a Maulerfiend with Magmacutters hits with at least one of it's attacks, it generates 1 extra attack. If it hits with all of it's attacks, it generates 2 additional attacks. These attacks have Initiative 1, S8, AP1 and armorbane.
Sonic Blaster: Enemy units within 6" may not perform defensive fire.

Special Rules 

Obliterator Weapons: Kyborgs may chose one of the following weapons: Assault Canon, Heavy Flamer,
lasCannon, Multimelta, Twinlinked Flamer, TL Plasmagun or TL meltagun. All obliterators must chose the same weapon. They may not chose the same weapon twice in a row.
Mutilator Weapons: Pick one of the following at the start of any combat phase the mutilator is in close combat: Pair of: Lightning Claws, Chain Fists, Power Swords, Power Mauls. All Mutilators must pick the same weapon, and may not chose the same weapon two combat steps in a row.

Might of the Soulforge: Once per game, at the beginning of a shooting or close combat phase, a model may unleash the might of the Soulforge to reroll all failed to wound/armor penetration rolls. It suffers a glancing hit at a roll of 1 at the end of the phase.

Master of Machines: A Warpsmith may try to repair a friendly vehicle or curse an enemy vehicle.
repair: Needs to be in b2b or within the vehicle. On a roll of 5+ (4+ with mechadrites) he restores a hullpoint or removes one weapon destroyed/immobilized result.
Curse: Shooting attack: 18" range. If it hits, the enemy vehicles weapons have the 'gets hot' special rule.

Psychic powers

Discipline of Tzeentch

 Primary Power: Flames of Tzeentch Witchfire, Focus 1
24", S5, AP-, Blast, Inferno (Inferno: Each unsaved wound causes an aditional D3 S3 AP - Hits)

1-2: Gift of Mutation: Blessing: Focus 1:
Friendly Character within 2" suffers a S4 AP-hit and ma roll on the "Rewards of Chaos" table

3-4: Bolt of Corruption: Beam, Focus1
18", S8, AP1, Detonation (If the target is an enemy vehicle and suffers a "Vehicle explodes" result the radius of the blast is 2d6 inches instead of D6 inches)

5-6: Odem of Chaos Witchfire, Focus 2
Template, S1, AP2, Poison (4+), corrosive. (corrosive: Vehicles hit suffer a glancing hit on a roll of 4+)

Discipline of Nurgle

Primary Power: Rot of Nurgle Witchfire, Focus 1
6", Assault D6+1, Poison (4+), S2 AP 5. No effect on models of Nurgle (yes, model of Nurgle is the actual wording.)

1-2: Weapon Virus: Curse, Fokus 1
Range 24". All ranged weapons in the enemy unit have the "gets hot" special rule

3-4: Plagued Present Curse, Fokus 1
Range 48". Enemy unit rolls a D3:
1: Corpsefliesinfestation: -1 attack, shrouded
2: muscular atrophy: -1 Strength, may not run
3: Liquifying Fever: -1 Strength and -1 toughness

5-6: Plagued Wind Fokus 2, Witchfier
12", S1, AP2, Assault 1, Blast (5"), Poison (4+)

Discipline of Slaanesh

Primary Power: Overload Witchfire, warp charge 1
24" S4 AP4 Assault 4, concussive, Blind, Pinning

1-2: hysterical frenzy Blessing, Warp Charge 1
Pick non-vehicle unit within 12" and roll a D3
1: +1 Initiative
2: +1 Strength
3: +1 Attack

3-4: Symphony of Pain Curse, Warp Charge 1
1 Enemy unit within 24 inches gets -1 BS and -1 WS. All ranged weapons directed at this unit get +1 Strength.

5-6: extatic wince Witchfire, warp charge 2
24": S: special, AP - Assault 1.
Every nonvehicle model in the enemy unit suffers 1 hit with its own strength.

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More Horus Heresy Forge World Photos!

The Horus Heresy continues to dominate the buzz along with the new Chaos Codex. Games Workshop and Forge World have made September and October big months.  Thanks to my good friend Max at Darog's Company for the photos once again.

And please join us on Facebook!


Chaos Space Marine Codex Photos!

Thanks to my good friend Max at Darog's Company, who is a genius at getting photos and such!  Here are photos of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex.  Games Workshop has finally gone over to hardcover codexes like the Fantasy army books.

Enjoy folks!  It is less than two weeks away.


Rules for Horus the Warmaster

You got to give Forge World credit for actually deciding to make every character we have all come to love in the Horus Heresy novels from The Black Library.   I can imagine how each sculptor is fighting over who gets to sculpt which character.

Here are the first photos taken at Games Day UK of the rules for Horus. Word is he costs twice what Mephiston does, so we are in the 600 point range.  I can see these characters being awesome for big Apocalypse Games.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Horus Heresy Gamesday UK Photos and Rules

Loken v. Abbadon

 Sons of Horus Assault Squad

 Emperor's Children with Autocannon

Chaos Mutilators

Here is a bunch of information on rules from the new Horus Heresy book from Forge World.

Legion Seeker Squad ( headhunters, designed to take out enemy command elements , 5-10 strong , special issue ammo ' marked for death' special rule, gain preffered enemy against one enemy unit or independant character )

Legion Outrider Squad ( 3-10 bike squad, scout special rule, all bikes have twin linked bolters. ALL marines can swap these out for twin linked flamers, melta guns or plasma guns. 1 in 3 can have power weapon, hand flamer or plasma pistol )

Legion Attack Bike Squadron (1-5 strong heavy bolter can be swapped out for heavy flamer, autocannon or multi-melta )

Legion Jetbike Sky-hunter Squadron (3-10 strong, 1 in 3 can replace jetbike mounted heavy bolter with multi-melta, volkite cannon or plasma cannon. Deep strike special rule )

Legion Land Speeder Squadron (1-5 strong, and speeder may replace heavy bolter with heavy flamer or multi-melta. Any speeder can add a havoc launcher, heavy bolter, plasma cannon or graviton gun in addition. Any speeder can also take up to 2 H.K.M's )

Legion Storm Eagle gunship ( as before )

Legion Heavy Support Squad (5-10 strong all marines in squad, including sergeant, have a heavy bolter. All may swap out for a different weapon, but MUST all take the same kind of weapon. Heavy Flamer, Autocannon, Missile Launcher (may be upgraded to carry flakk), multi-melta, plasma cannon, volkite culverin or lascannon. Entire squad may have hardened armour.

Legion Predator Strike Squadron - 1-3 predators, includes all the forgeworld options EXCEPT twinlinked lascannon. Predator turret Autocannon is now heavy 4.

Legion Land Raider Battle Squadron - 1-3 Landraiders any of which may be Phobos or Proteus, but only one of which may be an Achilles. 

0-1 Legion artillery tank squadron ( 1-3 of a whirlwind , Basilisk or Medusa. Whirlwind may be upgraded to anti-air.

Legion Vindicator ( as before, but can take pintle mounted heavy bolter / heavy flamer or havoc launcher )

Legion Spartan Assault Tank (25 troop carry capacity, quad Lascannons may be swapped for rapier destroyers, may take frag launchers, assault vehicle, 5 hull points)

Legion Caestus Assault Ram ( largely unchanged )

Gods of War

Legion Fellblade super heavy tank (turret mounted twin ' accelerator cannon' 
High explosive round - 100" range , strength 8 ap 3 ord 1 , 7" blast , primary weapon
Armour piercing shell - 100" range ,heavy 1, strength 9 ap 2, armourbane ,3" blast)

Legion Typhon heavy siege tank ( basically a huge vindicator , no transport capacity. dreadhammer siege cannon. 24" if moving , 48" if stationary. strength 10 ap 1, ord 1 , 7" blast no cover saves. Has crushing weight special rule. Auto passes difficult or dangerous terrain tests for rubble, barricades, walls, ruined buildings or wreckage. Auto inflicts strength 10 ap 2 ram damage no matter how far it has moved.

Legion Thunderhawk Gunship ( largely unchanged)

Legion Thunderhawk Transporter ( largely unchanged )

Legion Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer (super heavy land raider , twin linked neutron destroyer laser battery)

Legion Malcador Assault Tank ( largley unchanged , may only take battlecannon and twin linked lascannon turrets )

More coming...


Games Day UK Pictures & Info Up!

 Cerebus Tank Destroyer

 Lightning Two!

Thanks to Darog's Company who has posted some great info and pics.

You can only spend up to 25% of your points on Lords of War. As Angron is a Lord of War and 400 points, it follows that you must be playing at least a 1600 point game to include him. As far as I know this is the only restriction (...but yes, we'll find out for sure later today).

Angron is Infantry (Character) Ball park = 10 Standard Terminators.

Not had much chance to look through it yet, but the Primarchs seem powerful but killable. If you're thinking the invincible beings described by the novels, this is not for you. Angron is akin to Mephison on roids, V.High WS and S, High T, W, I, A. Sv 3+4++

And there is Loken!

Play wise, it's designed with 30k vs 30k campaign in mind, with the above force org (unless under 1500), and primarch/super heavy type units (Lords of Battle) above 2k only.

There are 6 Isstvaan III battle missions, using the 6e ruleset and adding a couple of conditions. 

Designed for 1500-2500/3000 point games.

Cataphractii Armour =  2+4++ swapping relentless for S&P  

Legion specific Contemptor Dreads Legion specific Marines!

Emperors children assault squad, auto cannon squad, command squad.... Same for death guard, sons of Horus and world eaters.

The Horus Heresy is a full army book.

Lists for 4 legions and Mechanicus units.  Darog says it is the best book Forge World have ever done.

Forge World will be probably be doing an Emperor model. 
More Forge World news:
Imperial Armor 12 is nearly done with new Necron units.  It is confirmed that each xenos race will gets its own book. Looking to add to the existing range rather than cover non codex races.

Also, digital products will NOT be limited to apple products they where just the first.
Android and windows digital media products will follow. 

More to come!



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