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Horus Heresy Book 6 Notes

All the info on what is in The Horus Heresy Book 6!

Thanks to Garro on the Heresy30K Forums for this!


Full Contents List
  • new campaign rules with several story missions
  • new additional 'basic missions' cluster based around the shadow wars
  • 11 generic rites of war for all legions
  • each existing legion gets a single new rite of war
  • shattered legion rules and two unique rites of war for them.
  • rules for 'dark compliance' armies, (think tyrants legion list from badab)
  • garro, rubio and knight errants
  • blackshields with unique units and a named character
  • 3 consuls (praevain, delegatus and herald)
  • leviathan and cortus pattern dreads
  • quad launchers as seperate unit with special ammo
  • updated vindicator rules (now in squadrons)
  • mastodon
  • 9 named characters for various existing legions
  • legiones astartes, wargear and 2 rites of war for blood angels, dark angels and white scars
  • new arlatax battle automata (jump monstrous creature)
  • new dark magos character
Generic Rites of War
  • rite representing traitors from loyalist legions, gives boosts against loyalist marines, especially from the same legion 
  • rite making jetbikes troops, all units must be skimmers, jetbike or flyers 
  • rite representing loyalists from traitor legions, similar to other rite but different boosts
  • rite making contemptor and regular dreadnought talons troops not elites, must take forge lord and primius medicea as additional HQs.
  • rite making predator squadrons troops, sicarans (regular only) elites and allowing a single predator or sicaran as a HQ choice, all non-vehicle units must have transports
  • rite making the primarch a HQ choice not LoW (still has the price of failure) allowing him under the 2k limit, no LoW slot. but he dies, all scoring units cease to be scoring, only denial
  • rite allowing any battle-automata (castellax, vorax, domitar) as their respective FoC slots in a legion army (non-complusory), must include 1+ cortex controller, a forge lord must be taken, and only more forge lords or praevain may be taken as consuls
  • rite allowing assault squads to deep strike turn 1, on the turn they arrive, they can only be snap fired at, and gain hit and run from turn 2 onwards, all units in the army must be able to deep strike or be transported in flyers
  • rite removing 'support squad' rule from recons marines, all units deployed with scout or infiltate (actively used) gain shrouded during turn 1, no terminator units may be taken
  • zone mortalis rite, terminators are troops, 1 unit of terminators may be given deep strike for free, breachers when all in base contact gain +1 to invuln saves
  • rite of war for traitor legions only, must take an allied detachment of militia/cults. detachment gains stubborn in their deployment zone, and do not yeild victory points for being killed. primary detachment all gains outflank, must hold whole primary in reserves and can't deep strike

Legion Exclusive Rites of War
  • Sons of horus gain relentless while in their own deployment zone, fleet in no mans land, and crusader while in the enemy deployment zone, may also re roll all rolls of 1 to hit in the first turn. legion terminators are troops
  • death guard gain a cover save of 5+ while in the open as long as no enemy models are within 12", also rolls a D6 for each woodland terrain piece on the board, on a 4+, the piece has -1 to its cover save and is dangerous terrain to all non-DG units, all frag grenades and missiles are str5, must include siege breaker
  • world eaters gain FNP while in enemy deployment zone, ICs also gain IWND as well, enemy team gains +1 VP if WE player doesn't achieve 'attrition' or 'linebreaker' secondary objectives
  • emperor's children gain kakophoni squads as troops and they gain relentless, any infantry model in power armour or artificer armour may take sonic shriekers for cost
  • word bearers gain gal vorbak as troops, they may take drop pods and dreadclaws as DT. any unit that can take a rhino can instead take a drop pod, any enemy unit within the drop pods final landing spot (post scatter) takes a pinning test. all infantry units must deploy by deep strike
  • night lords gain night raptors as troops, any unit can take trophies of judgement for a fixed cost, any unit of 10 or more men, may take kharybdis assault claws as DT. must always charge if in range.
  • iron warriors: barrage weapons fired within 12" of friendly iron warriors only scatter D6, counters are left in the center of barrage attacks, if more barrage attacks are made within 18" of a counter and within 6" of friendly IWs do not scatter. also any IWs within 6" of a counter is fearless
  • alpha legion gain head hunters as troops, reroll who goes first, and any enemy unit shooting at an alpha legion unit must pass a leadership test first, unless they have already been shot at by alpha legion. enemy gains D3 VP if AL do not kill their warlord, all vehicles are held in reserves
  • imperial fists get phalanx warders as troops, any infantry unit can buy teleport arrays for a cost, units gain shrouded the turn they arrive via teleport array, plus enemy units with LoS and within 12" of the teleporting unit, must take a blind test at the of the phase
  • ultramarines must take a milita allies detachment with gene-crafted and warrior disciplines provenances, all infantry units in allied detachment gain infiltrator and implacable advance. recon marines lose 'support squad' rule.
  • iron hands gain medusan immortals as troops which are stubborn while in enemy deployment zone, also gain 'hatred(traitors)' rule across the whole army, no allies and no ferrus manus
  • raven guard for one turn only (of their choice) entire army gains zealot, gains D3 VPs for slay the warlord, allied militia are fearless while within 6" of raven guard infantry
  • salamanders cause fear, may chose to play additional game turn if random length in is use (instead of rolling) librarians gain special psychic power, which is a replacement 'pyromancy' primus power. str5 ap1 beam 18" range, and units that take casualties from it must take a morale check regardless of the 25% rule, with a negative modifier equal to the number of unsaved wounds caused.
Shattered Legions
  • must use legiones crusade army list
  • must contain at least two different legions or more
  • to take legion exclusive units, you must take a HQ choice from that legion
  • can't take primarchs or legiones(black shield) units
  • must declare if traitors or loyalists before game starts
  • while the warlord is alive, all legions in the force treat each other as sworn brothers, once the warlord dies, all legions treat each other as distrusted allies
  • no shattered legion units are denial
  • can use any generic rite of war, and has 3 rites of war for shattered legions, may also use the legion exclusive rites of the legion the warlord belongs to
  • certain legiones astartes rules are completely ignored (due to rules issues). list is proved in the rules. not going to bother repeating it here.
  • certain legiones astartes rules carry over to all friendly shattered legion units in the same detachment, list proved in rules
  • one rite of war is isstvan 5 survivors which makes tactical veterans troops, all marines gain hatred(traitor legions) and slay the warlord confers D3 VP rather than one. however must take 3 HQs, 1 iron hands, 1 raven guard and a salamander
  • other is for the traitors that hunted them down, recon squads are regular troops and seeker squads become non-compulsory troops, wiping out enemy units confer additional VP to regular mission objectives, D3 VPs if wiped out through a sweeping advance. also when rolling a 6 to outflank, you may choose any side, not just left or right.
  • the third rite of war, is actually one of the white scars which shattered legions can use as their own. will cover that one when i do the new legions.
Army of Dark Compliance
  • primary detachment is made up of any units from legion crusade or the militia/cult army list
  • must contain at least a single praetor or centurion (including consuls) and they are the warlord
  • must be traitors
  • may not use rites of war
  • legiones astartes rules do not carry over to militia
  • units are counted as being from the same army list, so may share transports benefit from warlord traits .etc
  • may not have more unit choices from legions than militia.
  • may not take a discipline cadre (that's what the marines are for)
  • legion astartes gain +1 to cover saves if shot at through a militia unit, however said unit takes D3 wounds with no AP value
  • any militia unit may take the 'disposable' rule for free (don't confer victory points for being killed) but are no longer scoring.
Black Shields
  • is a new version of the legiones astartes rule, and uses the standard legion crusade army list
  • adds +1 to the roll to see who goes first
  • are 'by the emperors/horus's command' allies to legions, and fellow warriors to non-legion army lists
  • may not take praetors, command squads, tactical squads, drop pods, dreadnought drop pods or deathstorm drop pods
  • can't use rites of war, but can use the alternative FoCs.
  • may only take a single consul of any kind
  • must have more vehicles than infantry units
may take one or none of the following collections of rules
  • gain FNP(6+) but must pass a leadership test to end the movement phase further away from a visible enemy unit then they started. if test is failed they move D6" towards the closest enemy unit they can see
  • gain +1 leadership and rerolls 1s to hit while within 6" of another friendly blackshield unit, however they may not use the leadership value of other models and suffer D3 casualties if they fail a leadership test in the assault phase in addition to other effects. characters gain preferred enemy instead and can not take chaplains nor ally with other astartes
  • up to half of the  infantry units without a dedicated transport gains deep strike but suffers D3 casualties if mishaps in addition to other effects, may take additional wargear options, characters may take rad grenades, after half of the blackshield units have been killed, each turn after, each unit must pass a leadership test or be removed from play
  • may choose one of the following options but may not take allies
    option 1: +1 str, +1 toughness, -1I, -1" to charge range, may not sweeping advance
    option 2: +1ws, +1bs, -2ld
    option 3: gains fear, fleet and rage, -1bs 
  • black shields may take a range of replacement wargear options called 'pariah' each confers a bonus over the original wargear, but has a negative attachment as well. won't list them here.
  • may take a blackshield reaver lord, basically a speical praetor with different wargear options, all the basics are there, plus the pariah gear and some others, while some 'fancy' praetor gear isn't.
  • black shields have a named character called 'nemean reaver' who is believed to be a former dark angel, may also be taken as a knight errant and replaces his blackshield special rules for the knight errant rules for a price.
  • main basic squad is the 'marauders' 5-20 basic marines with lots of basic options and 1in5 can take special/heavy weapons
​Knights Errant
  • nathaniel garro is as his pdf, only for note, the knights errant can be taken by any loyalist army, not just legiones astartes.
  • tylos rubio is pretty much a librarian consul with the knights errant wargear and special rules, (mastery level 2). takes his powers from deviation and telekinesis, may re-roll failed psychic tests when rolling for divi powers. also has an ability, where any left over warp charge in your pool, gives him +1str for each warp charge to a maximum of str10. warp charge don't carry over between turns.
  • build a knight is here, mostly basic options but everything is mastercrafted by default. may upgrade to a libby for usual consul price, may also take a selection of extra gear like narthecium, nuncio-vox or servo arm (gains battlesmith at the same time). has all the same rules as garro and rubio (by falsehood cloaked, oaths of moment, etc)
Blood Angels

legiones astartes rule
  • when in combat and using a melee weapon BA require 1 less to wound than normal (1 less, not +1str, but same effect, so it stacks with weapon boosts)
  • may not go to ground
  • excluding dedicated transports BA may not have more vehicles than units with the legiones astartes rules, this may block certain rites
  • any model who can take a volkite serpenta may instead take a hand flamer for price
  • any model who can take a plasma pistol may take an inferno pistol for a price
  • praetor, centurion or consul may take a new sword if they can take a power fist, AP2, master crafted, twohanded and each wound caused (before saves) counts as two, rolling saves separate. pretty damn nasty
  • may take assault cannons same as imperial fists
rites of war
  • two rites, one offensive, one defensive
  • offensive rite:
    all jump infantry units, must be held in reserves, and must deep strike in on turn one, no rolls needed, all deep striking units (not just jump infantry) gain a +5 cover save on the game turn they arrive, and all shooting attacks from deep striking infantry and jump infantry units gain pinning on the turn they deep strike in. all blood angels gain +1 initiative on the charge, characters must always accept challenges if issued.
    compulsory choices for this rite must have jump packs, must take a compulsory fast attack choice, which must have deep strike or be a flyer. can't take fortifications, sentry guns or any LoWs that aren't flyers or sanguinius himself.
  • defensive rite:
    immune to pinning, and stubborn while within 3" of an objective which is in their own deployment zone. enemy units suffer -1 to their sweeping advance rolls when their running away. units that are below 50% of their starting number of models, gains FNP(5+) but counts as destroyed at the end of the game for VPs and are no longer scoring. Characters must issue and accept challenges,  
White Scars

legiones astartes rule
  • units which move their full distance in their movement phase, gain +1 to cover saves or a 6+ if none, and also rerolls 1s to wound with shooting and combat attacks until the start of your next turn.
  • gains +1 to the roll to see who goes first, seize the initiative, and to the 1st reserves roll each turn
  • must take a single fast attack slot before taking any heavy support choices, does not apply to zone mortalis missions.
  • skilled rider (as if this was a surprise to anyone)
  • power glaive, two profiles, either a power sword if used one handed or a power axe without unwieldy if used two handed. may be taken by any character (including sergeants and the like)
  • cyber-hawk is a wargear option for any WS praetor. basically, it can be placed anywhere on the board, and WSs get to reroll 1s to hit when shooting against any enemy units within 6" and may reroll charge range against said units, the cyber-hawk can not be charged or shot at, and doesn't count a an actual model, only a counter.
rites of war
  • first rite
    skyhunters and outrider squads are troops and scoring units, they must also be taken as the compulsory units. units with the bike or jetbike type gain hit and run. infantry without transports start in reserve. infantry units gain outflank, and they also gain hit and run, if the unit doesn't have any heavy, salvo or ordinance weapon in it. the warlord must be on a bike or a jetbike. may not have more heavy support choices than fast attack
  • second rite (may only be taken as part of a shattered legions force)
    units do not conceded VPs for being destroyed on a 4-5, on a 6, you score a point. all models are fearless on the first round of a combat.must be loyalists, must have more infantry than vehicles.
Dark Angels

legiones astartes rules
  • when fighting in combat with a 'blade weapon' (list provided but not repeated here) and fighting an enemy unit with the same WS, you hit on 3's rather than 4's. 
  • if at the end of the game the enemy player has more units left than the dark angels player (including allies on both sides) then they get +d3 victory points, fleeing units don't count as usual.
  • lots. this is where DA get their real toys. 3 new weapons, and 3 extra ammo types for existing weapons
  • any character who can take a power sword can instead take a calibanite war blade, which is a power sword with +1str for the same price
  • new plasma gun variant, anyone who can take a plasma gun may instead take a plasma repeater for a few points extra, 12" str6 ap2, salvo2/3 twinlinked and gets hot
  • any DA praetor, consul or centurion that can take a power fist, can instead take a terranic greatsword, str +2 ap3, two handed, instant death.
  • acid rounds for heavy bolters on infantry or dreadnoughts, poisoned(2+) and ap value of D6 (roll each time its fired)
  • stasis shells for grenade launchers and missile launchers on models with LA(DA) rule. small blast, str3/4 depending on type, and any unit hit by it, suffers -1ws and initiative until the end of the turn.
rites of war
  • first rite
    proto-ravenwing, jetbikes and outriders are the only troops choices allowed. ICs re-roll to wound against targets with toughness 5 or higher in close combat, also stubborn while in combat. jetbike and skimmer type units can leave the board and go into ongoing reserves, gain outflank when this is done, may reroll all sweeping advance rolls. characters may take rad grenade. all vehicles must be skimmers or flyers. infantry must have skimmer or flyer transports or can't be taken. can't get leadership bonuses from allies.
  • second rite
    ironwing, all vehicle squadrons of two or more vehicles are BS5. infantry gain +1 to wound when shooting at an enemy unit within 12" with pistol, rapidfire, or salvo weapons with str5 or less. all vehicles ignore their first failed dangerous terrain test (of the game) and add +1 to flat out moves. all dreadnoughts of any type gain fear and tank hunter. all infantry must have transports, at least half the total number of units in the army must be vehicles with the 'tank' type. should all the tanks be destroyed then the enemy gains an additional VP as if they'd achieved a secondary objective. no fortifications.
General legion crusade updates and additions.
  • legion praevian and delegatus are now published, no different than rules in faq
  • new consul type called the 'herald; gains 'rite of command', support officer and a banner. the banner's rules changes depending on if you're a loyalist, traitor or blackshield. each has their own rules, the blackshields banner confers fear and +1ld to friendly units within 12". the loyalist banner confers +1ws to all legion astartes within 12" to a max of ws5. the traitor banner confers +1" to charge and run distances and may reroll 1's to hit in assaults to units within 12".
  • leviathan seige talon is in, same as pdf rules but with the added cyclonic melta lance 18"str9 ap1 heavy3, melta
  • contemptor-cortus is here. basically a contemptor with lower strength and side/back armour, has fleet and move through cover. gains a flat 5+ invuln. it had all the usual dreadnought weapons and has an 'atomatic overcharge' which allows it to pick a bonus from a list but at the end of the turn, must roll a 2+ or lose a hull point. cheapest of the FW dreadnought classes and is an elites choice.
  • rapier quad-launchers are now their own unit. initially the same as before, but has only frag shells, and can then buy shatter, incendiar or splinter shells (anti-armour, anti cover, lower str but rending). if the army has a siege breaker, the unit can upgrade to carry phosphex canister shells which are exactly what you think.
  • the vindicator has its updated rules for the laser destroyer array, and is now a a tank squadron of 1-3. 
  • mastodon is a beast, 14 all round with 10 hull points and 2 void shields. all the melta weapons on the front are actually a single weapon rules wise. 12" range, str 9 ap1, heavy4, blast (3") melta and each pen against a building or fortification becomes D3 pens. holds 40 models. it can also carry up to 2 regular dreads or contemptors (not dreados or levis). they count as 10 models each and count towards the 40 models limit.
Named characters for the legions 
  • Endryd Harr: loyalist world eater who 'missed the memo' about turning against the emperor. rather pissed. he's a agent of the emperor as the rest of his regiment have all died. he has an unique verison of the legiones astartes rule, reflecting he's not been part of the legion during their downfall. praetor statline with archeotech pistol and power fist
  • Autilon Skorr: the alpha legion event character appears here, with additional rule,if the game runs 'random length' then he may choose to auto-pass the dice roll for turns 6&7, and gains FNP(3+) and fearless for those turns
  • Gahlan Surlak: worlds eaters version of 'fabulous' bile, a lovely gent who's basically gone "fuck it instead of helping the injured, i'm going to make the 'nails' even worse. he can 'augment' any tactical squad, giving them +1 str and FNP (6+) but they also have -1BS and are no longer scoring (still denial). in addition those units don't confer VP for being killed. he also has another rule for any unit he joins, in any assault phase the entire unit can have +1 attack, but at the end of the phase, each surviving model must roll a 2+ or be removed from play. doesn't effect minis with the 'character' rule.
    This last rule is also applied to all WE primus medicae and apothecaries.
  • Tybalt Marr the 'either': praetor grade character with special sword and a a warlord trait that means any enemy unit deployed within 24" of him (after scout and infiltrate) must take a pinning test at the start of the game.
  • Shadrak Meduson: tough guy, praetor grade statline, and some special wargear. counts as a ironhand, raven guard and salamander for the purpose of which rites of war he's army can take when part of a shattered legion army. his warlord traitor gives IH, RG and sallies furious charge, hatred and crusader for a single turn of their choosing.
  • Cassian dracos reborn: gets recovered from isstvan 5. now living-ish machine god. all existing rules, but much lower side and back armour. gains cybertheurgy and a unique rite which allows him to posses enemy automata and shoot with them if he wins a roll-off.
  • Narik Dreygur: iron warriors event character. may be used as a traitor in a IW army, or a loyalist in an army with cassian reborn or Xiaphas jurr, as he survives an AL assassination attempt in this book and joins a shattered legion element taking his battle-automata with him.
  • Xiaphas jurr: salamander chaplain who is a also a level 1 psyker.
  • Kheron ophion of the Kyroptera: Night lords character who gets improvded FNP as he gets injured.
New Mechanicum units and rules
  • new dark archmagos dominus named character, f**k ton of special rules giving minor boosts to automatabut the highlight is his melee weapon with is AP2 and each sucessful hit, auto-wounds D3 times. no FNP allowed and can't regain the wounds with IWND.
  • Arlatax-class battle-automata: roughly the same stats as a castellax but is a JUMP PACK MONSTROUS CREATURE! has a plasma blaster and two power claws (+2str ap2, shred) which have built in mini-assault cannons (24" str6 ap4 heavy3). may upgrade one of the claws to a arc scourge, which is conferes rampage and armourbane (must choose which weapon is being used)
  • the marcocadid explorator, ordinatus, knight-atrapos and updated cybertheugy rules from the mechanicum red book are printed here as well.

Thanks to Garro!



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